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Hello Friends!

I am a Masters in Digital Marketing student at HULT, San Francisco. (2011-2012)
I'm here to help students trying to secure admissions in HULT for the Fall 2012 masters degree programs.
Ill be happy to answer any questions with regards to the school, or other related topics.

arpit90 Says
Best poster on POH according to me is back


Thanks a lot man!!
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11 oct 2011

If you are to do something for free for the rest of your life, what would you want to do?

Id read..
Everything I can lay my hands on..

akshay.vannery is back guys!!
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I cant believe this thread hasnt been closed yet...

Well Bro.. ask your Friend to take these people and his boss along to Red/ Blue/ green whatever light areas..
Maybe theyre just jealous...

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Never posted a Question on PoH before . Here goes the question for 24th June :biggrin:

Which fictional character fascinates you the most and given a chance you will definitely want to be in his/her shoes or want to live those adventures ?

P.S - Please just one character per person
1st post of the 100th page as well ;)

Umm.. Batman.
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QUESTION OF THE DAY (21st June,2011)
The most memorable night-out of your educational life..

There have been very few night outs...
But many Memorable "Nights-in"

Hmm.. I guess I was in second year of my Graduation. I was almost ready to go to work, at around 10 PM. I was working on American Express's Automation at that time, So the night shift.

One of my Dear buddies called me up, and said they are standing outside a mall very close to my place. I was surprised, as these guys stay Nowhere near my Apartment. But I reckoned Ill just spend a few minutes with them, and then wait for my Pick-up to arrive.

There were 3 Bikes and 5 guys, and my buddies made an impromptu plan of going for a night time spin. I Agreed, called up my Boss and lied about a minor accident. :D

Then we travelled all the way to Colaba with the intention of having Cold Beer at Cafe Mondegar. But by the time we reached, Mondegar was closed. :shocked:

Then we simply went to Mumbai's Iconic "Bade Miya" Got Kebabs and naan at 1 AM and ate it right there on the street.

2 AM found us cruising on marine drive sipping hot tea and pulling each others legs..

By 4 AM we crashed at one of our friends place.. And surprise surprise!!
Out came a Bottle of Whiskey.. ;)
Do I need to explain further?? Cutting the long story short, I was home at 8 AM and fast asleep.

More than the sense of exhilaration and freedom, it was the camaraderie I miss. Those days were priceless. precious.

haven't been a part of POH III yet ..
my first post in POH III

Name your favourite drink (juice , milk chocolate, coffee, iced tea, tea, Beer, Whisky,Wine etc etc ).. ?? And the reason you love it ??

p.m me if you find the question boring .. i'l snip it

Welcome back pandit ji!!

My Favourite drink has to be Water.
My most commonly purchased beverages would be Coke, Tea, and Mountain Dew in that order.

I do drink very occasionally, Whiskey is my preference then.
Blenders pride, Antiquity or Signature.
Im too poor for anything fancier.

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Koschin for the day(20th June)...

If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? ;)

Dude.. Pee in the Loo..
People might go all "Aww!!" when u pee on em..
But their hearts scream bloody Murder!!

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its june 19 here
i am thinking of a question and after 15 mins i have finalised the question for today :D

what is the subject/subjects you study on your own, being self motivated and no one needs to ask you to study that??

Hmm.. :)
In school I was always an English and History freak.
I remember June first week when Ma used to buy me text books for the following year. The English and history books used to be covered on Day one.

Just for the entertainment value.
I remember reading about Shivaji raje's Valour, Bhagat Singh's Sacrifice, reading Robert Frost, Lewis carroll et al.

In Class 11 and 12, this became Biology.
I had no interest in pursuing Medicine, but I just LOVED Bio.

Now I guess its Marketing. Advertising and branding to be precise.
Love all the aspects of it. Not the Theory, but the application fascinates me.

I now realize that I have stopped appreciating Advertisements for the visual appeal, and started analyzing the messages behind them. The kind of Brand Image the company is trying to project, a products brand equity etc.

Bah!! enough Geek talk.. Sorry Puys.
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18th June,2011
Koschin for the day ...
Do you feel taking risks in life pays off ?? Did you take any ? Did it actually help ??

P.S : Anybody who does not like the question can post a new question,I will not feel offended ..

Oh im a major risk taker..

But I think out of so many of those my biggest risk till date was not opting for Engineering after getting an AIEEE All India Rank of 1843.

I took up Management instead, and yes..
I think I took the right call back then.

I am on the brink of taking a huge risk right now.
I have rejected my NMIMS Core convert, and am going to San Francisco for my Masters in Digital Marketing.

True that International Exposure, A great School, and a great program does sound appealing. But a tried and tested Masters degree from a college in my own city would have been a Safer (if not better) option.

If you have it in your heart to see your own puy-bro succeed, do wish me luck.

I need it..
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:banghead: stomach infection yaar sorry i missed it...

Ranjeet bhai, special apologies..
harry missed u once again..

Aur Shushu!!! batao na Surprise!!!

@pranav Sir.. leak kariye na yaha pe!!!

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