can you please tell me the centres for the BAT in mumbai, i cannot find them on the website while registering.

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SimCAT 9: Overall: 61A,46C,15W = 123 QA:26A,20C = 54 VA:35A,26C = 69 1st 100+ ever :grin: !!!! Going to dance on Ganesh Visarjan now.

SimCAT 9:

Overall: 61A,46C,15W = 123

QA:26A,20C = 54

VA:35A,26C = 69

1st 100+ ever !!!! Going to dance on Ganesh Visarjan now.

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  • i got the exact same scores in both the sections with 35A.... 5d.
  • @billaz then u also dance..... ganpati bappa morya..... 5d.
A group of soldiers was put on a job. On second day, the Lieutenant, realizing the urgency of the work, put in 6 more soldiers. Due to further pressure, workforce had to be increased by 6, each subsequent day and the job ultimately was completed in as many days as the number of soldiers in t...
Akshay Nayak @aks26489

if the number of days taken is 3...and we assume 1unit of work...

total work done on 3 days = 3+9+15 = 27

if no worker was added it would take 3*9 days which is thrice the amount of the original days...

kamalika poddar @kam15
Two swimmers start from opposite end of the swimming pool. Both swimmers are swimming at constant speeds. When they cross each other for the first time, they are 25 m from nearest side. They reach their respective ends and on second round they meet at a distance of 20 m from the other end. What i...
divya mahajan @divyamhjn
if A=(105)^19 and B=100^20 Which of the following is true. A=b A>B A<B
Akshay Nayak @aks26489

B>A, dividing both sides by 100^19...we have 1.05^19 and 100...

divya mahajan @divyamhjn
if m is an integer divisible by 6 not by 4 and n is an integer divisible by 5 but not by 3 then which of the following must be an integer 1)(4n+6m)/36 2)(3m +2n)/4 3)(5m +6n)/30 4)(m^2 +n^2)/11
Sana Sharma @sana9sharma2
if p times the pth term in an arithmetic progression is equal to q times the qth term,what is the the (p+q)th term, where p are q are unequal?
Akshay Nayak @aks26489

let p=3, q=6

3(a+2d) = 6(a+5d)

a= -8d

(p+q)th term = 9

a+8d = -8d+8d=0

4 digit number has number of factors=15. Find number of factor of its square?
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3^4*5^2 = 2025, factors 15

3^8*5^4, factors = (8+1)*(4+1) = 45

Noname IIM @coolkalra
A watermelon contains 85% water. 30 g of water evaporates from the watermelon and now it contains 80% water, what was the original weight of the watermelon
Akshay Nayak @aks26489

@shawshanks could you explain the RHS of your 1st equation ?