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Hi guys,
Please suggest what should be the answer to this question.I think we can not answer this question with 1 & 2 and the answer should be E;but correct answer is C.
Is the surface area of a rectangular pool larger than 1000 square feet?
(1) The pool measures fifty feet diagonally.
(2) One side of the pool measures twenty five feet.


Hi sdinesh21,

I am also looking fwd for this course.Please post the additional information you get .

Hi Guys,

I am Amit..planning to take GMAT in last week of Nov.Can any one please suggest good colleges in India accepting GMAT school for 1 year MBA.It would be great if you can also suggest deadlines for application.
I know a few ISB,XLRI and IMT.


Hi Himanshu,

I was not abel to make it...:(..Do you have an idea if waitlist is issued or SPJ do not issue any waitlist at all?


Himanshu dude...

am NOT in...:(...btw, any idea when is waitlist expected ? And yeah, any idea on the total waitlisted students...?

Hi Guys, My interview was on 21st.I opted for IM.My interview experience was almost same as other TI guys. It went very smooth...no cross question...and it was for just 15 minutes. Following were the questions: 1.Why MBA and why now.2.Current project details.3.Current US economic condition.4.How Wal-Mart is doing and its quarterly results (as I am working for Wal-Mart client).4.Where do you want to work after PGPM India/US and why? 5. Will you be able to cope up with rigorous PGPM course (weird question).
And that was it...Since then I am trying to analyze how it was...but could not draw any conclusion....
1. Folks what do you think school is looking from us working on international location...
2. Was there any official announcement from SP Jain on increasing the number of seats? Any link for that?

Looking forward for your suggestions.

Good stuff man...very nice article.Too informative.

Here is an interesting article I came across on PG. I too was wondering how people without CAT/GMAT scores could get calls. This article sheds some light on the initial short-listing process at sp jain.

Guys please do post if you get to know anything about how these interviews work.. including the 16 PF. I suppose the 16 PF is taken into account during the interview process (or may be in the ultimate selection alone)
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TI Guys any update from the institute on TI schedule??
Last mail I received from adcom was to give details about country,application id etc.After sending details I did not hear back from institiue....any body ...any update?