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please provide me info regarding refund of fee i.e., of 1st installment of 20k

Name- Akshay Badkas
Place- Bhopal
Call Of Ibs- All Campuses
Score- Acads- 30 GD- 20 PI-25 OVERALL- 75.

piyush31 Says
Only Tution fees is 9.9 lacs. It does not include Mess/Hostel/books etc

ok so then it will be around 13 lakhs and bank does'nt provide loan above 10 lakh in india is it true???
piyush31 Says
13 lakhs..Includes Tution fees/Hostel/Mess/Books/Internet etc..

hey but in the website and in the selection kit it is been mentioned as 9.9 lakh are you including the bank interest rate also.
RKsinhgad Says
Where is the mentioned form available and what is the last date to fill it up?

i have got this info frm the icfai offical person here in bhopal he has the form with him and he is the only person who have filled up my form for ibsat

Puys here i have some info for all of u there is a separate form available for 12 campuses for icfai university excluding Hyderabad campus and these is for those who have not given isbat and also for those who have given isbat and this form is for direct PI if u didn't perform good in ur gd pi u will get a chance again through this and there will be no gd for it but hyderadbad campus is not included in it it is for the rest 12 campuses

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mikie Says
Got selected its 10th march..How to prepare for GD/PI..??

frm which city dude.....?
manikapant18 Says
mine is 10th march..from delhi...but not sure if I'd be going or not

why? got any other call?

hey guys anyone on 10 of march plz do reply.....

shrikantmishr Says
finally decided....will go to 1bs hyderabad....only if nt got selected for SIIB AB..:):)

dude what abt simc?