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Awesome stuff! But a reality too. Lols

Hey Guys,

Here is the link of an awesome video which will take you through your dream college.................!!!

So come and experience the true spirit of VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur ! :cheers:

VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur by numbers - YouTube

P.S. - Also have a look at our PG thread " Life @ VGSoM " for regular updates. :)

Warm Regards,
Akhil Sood
Batch - 2011-13


Hey Puys (Future VGSoMites),
I am sharing my GD/PI experience with you..

Xth - 91.2%
XIIth - 90.5%
B.Tech - 78% (UPTU)

Work Ex - 25 Months (Infosys Ltd.)

I had my interview at SJMSOM (IIT-Bombay) on 21st Mar,2011 (Last Year), evening slot.

GD was a kind of case study. Some US distilled spirirts maker going in loss.. And we have to suggest the strategies firm can take to come out of the loss and make profits.

GD was nice.. First time in my GD experince it did not turn into a fish market. Put some 2-3 points as I was the last to be called to speak for a minute on the topic . (they were calling randomly the candidates.)

After that the topic was open for all to speak. Made decent entry in to the discussion 3-4 times and put some valid and some invalid points :P


PI Exp - My PI was basically a stress interview. I wanted to experience one since my Interviews of different colleges started and I got it in the VGSoM PI.

As I enterd the room, there were two Profs sitting inside the room (Let's call them P1 and P2) and were discussing my form.

Me : May I come in sir
P1 : Please come and have a seat
P2 : So what's your name
Me : ....
P1 : How much percentile did u get in CAT and how many IIM calls do you have ??
Me : Sir I got in through JMET and not through CAT, didn't have an IIM call :(
P1 : Ok... So tell me why did u want to do an MBA ?
Me : Started with the well rehearsed answer.. :). Sir I want to broaden my learning ....... etc etc..
P1 : Stop this bullshit... I don't want to hear this nonsense.
Me : (Crap.... how rude....!)
P1 : Tell me the real reason. Are you after money u get , the placements ??
Me : Sir money is surely an important factor but not the only one (Tried to be as honest as possible).
P1 : How can you say that money is not the single criteria, what else do you seek ?
Me : Sir if i want money I can get it without an MBA too (Made some on the spot defending reasons..)
P1 : (Little convinced..)ok.. so what are your short term and long term goals.. Explain them to me with and how MBA will help??
Me : Sir as I have mentioned in the form .....
P2 : (Suddenly out of no where woke up..! ) So which is the most populated country in the world ??
Me : (What..........??? R u out of ur mind...) Sir..... ummm China..! (Weuhhhh that was crap)
P2 : Second most populated ??
Me : Sir India ??
P2 : Sure ??? Tell me the top 10 countries in terms of population ..
Me : (Tried hard to answer... tried till 6 or 7.. ) Sir this much i know..
P2 : Ok.. Tell me top 10 countries area wise.. Starting from the largest to the smallest..
Me : Gave some random list based on my perception.. (Mind you 7th is India... and the prof also knew it as I can see he was waiting for the 7th country from the beginning)...
P2 : Okay tell me the 10 most populated states in India..
Me : (By this time I was ready for such questions.. ) Sir... Maharastra... then UP... then Bihar...
P2 : What is the rank of West Bengal ??? (WB is the most populated.. Rank 1)
Me : Sir fourth i guess (Damm......! )
P2 : Acha really ?? Ok.. tell me the 10 states area wise..
Me : (Abe yaar pagal ho gaya hai kya ?? Kuch aur pooch le..) Sir UP will be first... then Maharashtra...
P1 (Suddenly): So tell me about your role in your Project in Infosys..
Me : Started describing...
P1 : Why mostly people in IT are going for MBA ?? Esp Infosys, TCS etc..
Me : Gave some reasons...
P1 : Who was the vice-chancellor of UPTU ?? (I was a student of Uttar Pradesh Tech University)
Me : (Luckily I knew his name... Thank GOD..! ) Sir .....
P1 : (Impressed...! ) You know we both were classmates... He was my friend in college..
Me : Okay Sir... (With a smile..) :cheers:
P2 : Do u have anything to ask ??
Me : Asked some questions..
P1 : Okay we are done.. you can leave..
Me : Thank you Sir..

Overall I guess they were checking my stress taking capabilities.. That's why they were keen to see if I can answer simple questions like 7th Largest Country in the middle of a stress interview...
The trick was to play it cool and keep your senses calm...

ATB to all the aspirants...!!!

Verdict : VGSoM (Batch 2011-13) :clap:

Warm Regards,
Akhil Sood


Hey Puys,

I do understand the anxiety u all must be having. I faced it last year myself. When the first list comes out and when the wait list moves, this will continue for some time till the college announces the last list and the last candidate is taken. Having an anxiety for the results is obvious, when u see some colleges giving out results while others not then curiosity builds. But remember the saying "Curiosity killed the cat".

So Puys be calm and devote your time to the prep of GD/PI.. Use your energy there, you will need every hour spent there in the final GD/PI of colleges. Go talk to your friends and share info with others. Search for the threads like "Life @ VGSoM" or any different college, or threads which tells u how to prepare for GDs/PIs. Kill the time there, but don't waste it sitting on the thread of college and making speculations.

We here at VGSoM are eagerly waiting for you guys as well. So ATB to u all :clap: :cheers:

Warm Regards,
Akhil Sood
VGSoM, 2011-13


VGSoM wins the first Prize in Nutcracker Operations competition in Parivartan'12 at DMS, IIT Delhi. Congratulations to Amanpreet (amancoolguy777) & Akhil Sood (akhil24sood) Batch 2011-13, for the laurels!!!

Hello guys/gals,

I gave NMAT last year. Just to give you an idea. Last year the overall cut off was around 210-212. But they had a sectional cutoff too.

Initially you might not see high scores coming up but at later stage as more and more people give the exams and retakes the upper limit increases. the same thing occurred last year. And i remember that the best courses are exhausted even at higher scores. So you need to really work hard here.

P.S.- The cutoffs and scores mentioned above are according to last year exam. This year it might change. this is just to give you some idea..


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The one I submitted.
Don't worry you will get your draft soon too.

Received back my draft today...

Thanks IIT-R for being so helpful throughout the process.....

My work in this thread is over i guess...


Thanks & regards,
VGSOM 2011-13

Hi Any Senior in this thread ????
Please provide some info on money refund ???
No one is picking up the phone in the office of DOMS....

Please help...

hey akhil,

r u joining iitkgp and attempting cat again?
do ppl change b schools after 1 yr?

Hi Rohit,

I am joining IIT-Kgp this year.
And ATB buddy for your exams....:cheerio:

Akhil Sood
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