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I remember Philip Jacob (IIM-A 2003-2005) is with lehman brothers new york.

Philip is one of the first few members who joined PG in sept 2002 and cracked cat 2002 gaining admission in IIM-A.

He is not very active here due to his busy work schedule but god bless him if he has lost the job.

Hope laid off employees and their families are able to absorb the shock.

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Superb. What started out as a small community for CAT 2002 preps is now emerging as a leading national internet media company !!!!

I joined PG on sept 2, 15 minutes after it was launched and during the last 6 years, allwyn has done an amazing job !!!!

The way pg is growing, it is taking a shape of emerging start up in the new age online media business !!

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I'm working in a MNC as Management Reporting and Analysis professonal. My work profile consist of data mining, financial reporting, People reporting, etc. It widely consist of office management. I am confused to decide between CFA from US or MBA PT from MDI, Gurgaon. Kindly let me know which one is better suited? Cost for both is kind of equal to me as Company is willing to majority fund it.:huh:

CFA self study (without access to placements) is benefical for 2 categories:

1) Those who are freshers and want to kickstart their career in finance at the fresher level of compensation.

2) Those who are already working in finance and want to upgrade their knowledge to move up in their organisation vertically.

You do not belong to category 2 since you are not working in 'CFA Technical skills'.

Remember CFA is a technical course and by technicals i mean fields related to Equity/fixed income/derivatives/portfolio management/risk management/M&A.;

You do not belong to category 1 since you are already working in a MNC. After CFA, if you are willing to start career in 'technical skills', you can.

But remember you need to start fresh at the lowest level (analyst) at a fresher package.

No one will hand you plum IB/corporate finance front end job just because you are a CFA. Those jobs go to fresh IIM/top MBA grads or CFA with relevant experience.

You should do MBA PT from MDI. MDI brand is a killer on resume and should help you to move in a mangerial role- managing teams/regions.
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Only consider ISB hyderabad full time 1 year MBA. It is worlds 20th best and asia number 2 MBA program.

The difference between incoming and outgoing salary in ISB hyderabad is nearly 3 times. That does not mean it is a straight forward calculation- A person earning 10 lakhs p.a will get 30 lakhs after ISB MBA.


life is beutiful.

more often than not ugly.

but that aisde.

that is the problem yaar. i cannot enjoy my present work, cos it consists of back office work for deutsche bank. please tell me a way to get out or improve / move to some other process.
if any persons have done the above, please post it.

of course the sal is good, but it is not the greatest.

i did the worst mistake in my life. when i had a job offer in germany in ge power train and i left it and came back to india.

Did you tried in GE jack welch engineering centre in bangalore (i think it is in whitfield). I read in business today couple of months back they are hiring talented engineers specially with some one masters from abroad.

Work content is BPO is of repetitive type. So i can understand you dont like the work. Why dont you switch to your own field ? IT companies also hire non IT people and then train them in technologies.
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Oh I More Thing I Forgot To Tell You.

I Am Am Engineer, An Then An Msc In Germany.

Now I Am Working In Financial Services.

So, 7 Years Down The Drain.

I Have Done A Sap Fico Course.

Can That Help ?

Where Did I Go Wrong?

Please Tell Me?

Sometimes life is beautiful, sometimes life is ugly. You did not did anything wrong.

Life is a random process. Things automatically go wrong and before we realise, it gets too late.

Enjoy your present work. You are earning decent. Try to figure out the ways to get promotion in your present job.

After studies in germany, did you tried to settle in germany and work as an engineer?

For 13-14 Lakhs, either you should plan to move abroad or start a business.

Life is not easy as a salaried class.:unhappy:

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Can anyone tell me the places which are waking distance from 'St Marks Road' ?

I thought MG road is walking distance from St Marks road but some one told me MG road is 3 Km from St Marks road.

By walking distance i mean within 2 Km range.

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I was third person to join PG network on Sept 3, 2002 at around 7: 30 P.M IST.

PG was launched on sept 3, 2002 ...around 6:30 p.m !

It was a small community for CAT 2002 and after May 2003, PG witnessed explosive growth.

I used to follow allwyn posts at Sify MBA forums for CAT 2001. Allwyn was not satisfied with sify forums and decided to launch PG and a web hosting company.

PG.com is a roaring success and i feel proud of joining it at a start up stage.


MBA is a good experience in life. If someone can manage to get in a decent A class institute and work hard, brain is rewired with all the wonderful theory stuffs.

The ultimate thing in GRAND CAREER is the quality and quantity of work experience. It is very much possible without MBA to rise in corporate career but i always suggest non MBA aspirants to start reading the stuff which MBA guys read to rewire your brain.

Every non MBA aspirant should read this link:

People to Watch in International Business - TIME

The link explains how sangita singh grabbed 'Chief Marketing Officer' at Wipro without an MBA at the age of 32.