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Dear all,

Here comes my part of the story.. I took the GMAT recently and scored a Consolation (710 - 47Q and 40V). I too was with the same question in late October when I took GMAT for the first time - "GMAT 650(47Q & 33 V) !! My chances??". The first question after I saw the score was - Do I really deserve a 33 in VA? I came back home and immediately took another GMAT appointment for early December, practiced OG 10 & 11 Verbal sections in the last week before the G day and 710. It's as simple as that.

One simple advise I would give to anyone who has a 650 and is thinking of chances, the first chance is to re-take the test. You definitely deserve a better score!! Don't get bogged down by comments LIKE it's very difficult to get a better score or it will have an impact on your admission matters. Attempting once more paid me well and I believe will do the same to you.

Another advise in general. take as many mock tests as possible and analyse your answers every time. This was what I missed the first time.

The books I used (Though my score is not too good, I would like to share, as it may prove useful to someone somewhere sometime):

OG 10 & 11
Kaplan 800
OG Quant
Kaplan Verbal
Manhattan SC

I didn't personally know anyone who took GMAT. PG was my only source for inspiration, query resolution, data source et al.

I am planning to give away these books. If you are in Hyd, and are looking for quick books instead of searching in Koti, PM me.


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Thank you. But how to PM?

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Hi Hitandtrial, please give your personal mail address.

Hi Hit and trial, can you gimme the name of that good essay writing firm? My personal email-id: thanks for the help.:)

hitandtrial Says
youhave very good chances provided you write your essays well.My brother had 640 and he had converted INSEAD and wharton.I know a very good essay writing firm who helped him write his essay.If u want the address send me a personal message.
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There are Institutes like TIME, VISU etc. which offer coaching for GMAT. But the fees you pay and the classes you attend are not worth the prep you can do by being at home. The best way as realised by everyone here on PG is to follow the blog, buy the books from Koti and blastoff.

Please go through the blog sites and you will know this by yourself.


Hi ,

i have already given GMAT .. scored an avg 680/800 .

booked a date on oct 25th to write it again .

I did not study from Kaplan , Manhattan Sc or SC 1000 etc . I just studied from OG last time . This time i am planning to study from more resources .

My confusion :
There are 2 books for Kaplan : kaplan 800 ( without CD ) . The other is Kaplan Premier program 2008 edition ( with CD )

Which book should i refer from out of these 2 ??

Also For SC :
Manhattan Sc would be better or SC 1000 .

any pointers would be greatly appreciated !!


Hi Duke,

I would suggest Kaplan 800 + Manhattan SC. I don't think the CD can help as I haven't seen many ppl mentioning on PG.



I have tried but not found any Xerox copies of any GMAT Material in Hyd. I would suggest you buy new books from Koti (I can help you if you want address of shops selling the stuff) and you can always sell them back in the market at 60% to 80% of the rate depending on your negotiation skills.


I have found the SCG Manhattan first...:) kaplan books were also there and I could negotiate!. All I could not find is the Kaplan CD..

Thank you


The 'ideal' time would be anytime before december 2007 by when the application procedures is supposed to start. If you start your prep now, 3 months is supposd to be ample time for GMAT..

Thanks a ton. Will do a thorough search this week. galli galli, shop to shop..:)