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DISCLAIMER: I work in the Business Advisory division in a Big4. I completed my MBA from a great B-school in the Philippines. These are my thoughts about consulting. The are not positive. I probably wont have the time to come back and defend what I have to say - but I think all of the following stuff really needs to be said.

The following are my opinions only:

  1. I believe that in the eyes of todays MBA grads, the consulting world is super glamorous. I wear a tie to work. I had a company laptop before any one of my friends. I took company sponsored flights before any of my friends. All of this contributes.

  2. Our reports look absolutely fantastic. The reason is that we have a dedicated team that only does formatting. This is critical from the point of furthering the brand. A sharp looking report immediately triggers off a neuron that tells the reader that the work is authentic and good.

  3. However, its important to look beyond that. Most of the work being done by us is stuff the management doesn't want to waste its time on OR cannot do themselves because of independence issues.

  4. Sure there may be some good assignments, but most are not. They are studies, research, creating standard operating procedures, cost reduction and stuff like that. Earlier I had always wanted to move to a McK or a BCG. But then I found that we (Big4) and they pretty much bid for the same projects. (Except that their quotes are 10 times as much).

  5. The other day I was introduced to a client as an auto-sector expert. I am not. I can barely understand my own car. But then, consulting involves a lot of shadow play. And this happens across all generalist consulting companies.

So my problems basically are:
- I'm too young to be advising people who have 10-20+ years of exp. in their sectors
- The work is almost always boring and very standard.
- I spend 35-40% of my time on documentation and formatting

Therefore, I'm an advocate of specialist consulting firms. For example: pure aviation consulting, or pure retail consulting with experts with actual domain knowledge. I'd actually like to move to line management and someday (when I'm 35+) join a specialist consulting company.

Also, very important:
Fresh college grads: Be skeptical of joining the "risk advisory practices". This is internal audit. I've found in my experience that CA's prefer this line. If you are a B.Com then its probably (based on generalizations of course) fine for you.

If you are a Eco grad with MBA plans, then try getting into line management (I wish I had done that). There is sales, marketing, advertising, product development...loads of stuff to sample.

Its really really really important to understand what you want to do. Dont be wow'd by the glamour of the consulting world. Figure out if its really what you want. Talk to people (consultants) who will be candid with you. If you like the detailed description of the work we do.. then by all means. Jump in. Dont go by what the websites / your batchmates say - cos we really know how to sell
So in short, AIM MBA will be an (Almost!) Indian MBA conducted at Manila... with a higher fees!! :(

I really wouldn't say that. The material is all international. For instance the accountancy taught focuses on IFRS which is the emerging global standard. Also, the cases are from all the world. And being in a different country with international students - you cannot help but be culture sensitized.

But anyway, thats a personal opinion. I'm not going to be sitting around attacking or defending

Real reason for writing this post that I've been getting a bunch of PM's asking how to prepare. So I thought I would put whatever advise i gave over PM on the public domain.

  1. AIM emphasizes on case studies. My interview had one as well. Here, when I say case study, I dont mean Finance/Marketing - rather, I mean situational cases. Pick up a harvard business review. These usually have situational handling cases. This should help in interview prep

  2. Other than that, make sure you understand what you've written in your CV and that its accurate

  3. I was asked about my work ex. I was also asked why I think I should be selected considering i have only about 2.5 years of work ex
  4. In the GD it will help if you put forward your point well in a concise manner. Dont BS. These profs are good at detecting it.

Dont know when I'll be able to respond to more queries. I'll try.

I'm a current student at AIM, Manila.

This is to clarify certain questions that were raised here:

1) You dont have to pay for the pre-MBA. You only have to pay for the extra couple of books (one of them was the accountancy book). For us it came to something like Rs1500.

The Pre-MBA is very important. The AIM course is crazy, hectic and difficult all at the same time. For an average student the pre-MBA is important to get a good start or things can become hard later on. I recall, most of the people on the deans list worked v. hard in the preMba (except the CFA-2 and the ex-bankers who were comfortable with finance).

2) The extra time taken is most likely because the number of applicants have risen very very sharply this year. All applications and all essays have to be read before interview invites are sent out.

Hmmm....point noted Sir...

The most obvious things are most easily forgotten..So the "Never Quit" thing is also easily forgotten when you are in trouble...But I will go to the hilt..and push it..

Some advice needed here..:

For a startup with a low budget, what are the best ways of marketing..The ones I thought of are following...

a) Google/Net based marketing with advertisements. As per google a 1200 Rs. monthly plan gives u sufficient boost.
b) The normal pamphlet/booklet trick. But I am going in for high quality print and content which means that I get only a small number of brochures and pamphlets printed.
c) Stickers and posters trick.

These are the obvious ways of marketing. Thinking of something innovative right now. Any Ideas..??..

  1. Rohit, firstly you need to reveal something about what you plan to sell. Marketing ideas come second
  2. The google adwords, pamphlet, posters etc are common ideas. They are good but for an unfunded startup you need to be innovative and disruptive. These would place you firmly in the crowd.
  3. Read Guierella marketing by Seth Godin. Also read his blog. great marketing advice.
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Now I need some help from you guys...Can anyone suggest some good books on marketing and business development or even on startups...???..I dont have much time to devote to books so would appreciate if u Guys can suggest something real good and crisp..

@Rohit Sh
Check these out in order of priority. I'm prioritising it becuase entrepreneurs don't have much time to spare... so here goes. (1 is highest priority)

  1. Seth Godin - bootstrappers bible
  2. From Startupbusinessschool.com (101 startup secrets)

Best of luck.

I also started something, but i'm leaving for my MBA soon. So I guess that has to be put on hold.
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@Rohit Sh
Check these out in order of priority. I'm prioritising it becuase entrepreneurs don't have much time to spare... so here goes. (1 is highest priority)

  1. Seth Godin - bootstrappers bible
  2. From Startupbusinessschool.com (101 startup secrets)

Best of luck.

I also started something, but i'm leaving for my MBA soon. So I guess that has to be put on hold.
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Hi Prathap,

Thanks for your response. I had done that but not gotten any response. But after reading this thread I am feeling better about things (now that I know that they formally inform about rejection from the process).

So Yes, I'll email them again. I've taken my date already... I just hope i recover by then.

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Hi, my question is slightly different:
Does HKUST notify candidates if their profiles have not been considered for an interview? Has anyone got an email/communication to that effect?

I applied in the 1st deadline, but could not submit my GMAT scores. I had to get an eye surgery done instead and couldn't take the test. Now I'll be talking it at the end of this month. (Jan)

Wondering if I'm completely out of the race It is not implausible to think that the HKUST adcomm believe that I'm making excuses and buying time. So... has anyone got any rejection emails from then, because I haven't.



2) What are the alternative IT Consulting companies where i can apply to in NCR Region except McKC?

Thanks & regards
J. Pratap

Didn't know that McKC had an IT consulting vertical. I believe it is mostly a support org. for its consultants worldwide (but I could be wrong)

I think you should look at CapGemini (all over) and Bearing Point (Bangalore).
For IT process auditing, try the risk consulting service line at Wipro (i remember seeing some white papers from then online once).
Also Protiviti
Surreptitious Says
puys..who got rejects like me(83.75)...don't feel down in the dumps...spare a thought for a person getting 84.75 clearing all the sectionals.....puys who have got an SCMHRD call but not an SIBM call.....be happy(atleast you have 1) and puys who have missed out on both...I can't do anything except wish u great luck in all your future endeavors and puys who have got an SIBM call...all the best....!!!

I know exactly what you mean. (84.5 clearing all sectionals easily.)