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Let 'f' be a linear function with the properties that f(1) f(4) and f(5) = 5. Which of the following statements is true?
Akash Gautam @Akash0141

If a = 0, then f(x) is a constant function ,f(x) = 5
Right ?
Then How Come f(1) f(4) ??

Function may be (-1)^x (-x)
accrdng to which f(0) should be = 0

I am Akash...
I am a Mechanical Engineer !
And i am preparing for CAT-12...

Hi, I am Akash.
I did my engineering in mechanical, and i am 2011 pass out.
I dont have a job right now.
But i trying for it.
Along with it i am preparing for CAT 2012.

My problem is that i have only 59.99 percent in my graduation according to my university,
which is 50 % of first year + 75 % of second year and 100 % of both 3rd and final year.

My 10th and 12th percentage are 89 and 79 respectively.

Please tell me that can i get into a top MBA college ?

I have an excellent extra curricular record.

Please help me !!

Hello puys! tad early for CAT 12 I know, but as they say, "work expands to fill the time available for completion"

Put down ur name here if u r preparing for CAT 2012
and mention the following information:

1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r.
2.When did u start prepration.
3.Books u have or plan to buy.
4.Number of Hours a day u give to CAT preparation.
5.Weak section/Strong section.
6.Institutes u wish to apply to

My info:

1.Institute joined if any and from which State u r: Career Launcher, Mumbai
2. When did you start preparation: just now
3. books you have or plan to buy: having lots of books!
Arun Sharma all three
CL and TIME material
Testfunda online stuff
4. Number of hours a day you give to CAT preparation: just started now, will try to amass 2 hours a day sincerely
5. Weak section/Strong section: Weak must be verbal
Strong Logical reasoning..depends
6. Institute you wish to apply to: Top 20 MBA colleges

all the best to all the CAT 2011 aspirants!!

Hi, I am Akash from Jaipur,
And I have done my engineering from M.B.M. Jodhpur.
And i am preparing for CAT 2012.

I am from Rajasthan Board, and i have 89 % in 10th, 79.56 % in 12th.
But i got only 59.99 percent in my gradutaion, :(

Can i get admission into IIM's and other top MBA colleges.

Plese Rply...
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Hi, I am Akash Gautam.
I am from jaipur, I have done my engineering in Mechanical Stream from M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur.
I am preparing for CAT 2012.
And I am here at Pagal Guy to interact with the experts and all other guys, who can guide me for my aim.
Thnx !!