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Had a small query. In the work experience section of the form, there is a field called Domain. Just wanted to confirm whether we have to mention the domain of the organization we are working for or the domain in which we are working for the organization. For example, I am working for an HR firm but my area of work is General Management & Business development. So what domain should I put there - HR or General Management?

Hope I've explained the question clearly and thanks in advance.

Hi Slayer,

Needed your comments on the following:

Should exemplary performance in the training program (exams, mock projects) of the company I was employed with be considered an academic achievement or work-related achievement?

Secondly, I've won/participated in a number of science exhibitions, debates and elocutions at the school level. I was wondering if this can be shown under the academic achievements section. Also, can a win in essay writing at the city level considered an academic achievement? The essay in question was written as a solution proposed to a general societal problem laid out by the organizers.

Lastly, I was the top scorer in a number of subjects of the engineering curriculum during college years but unfortunately don't have anything to prove it. Was contemplating whether to put this or not. Wouldn't have given it too much of a thought but since I am lacking in the area of academic achievement, wanted to make the most of what I had. The other sections of the form like versatility, achievement and work-ex accomplishments are well covered so not worried about them.

Do let me know you take on this. Thanks.

My Scores:

QA - 60
VA - 72
LDI - 84

Overall : 216

Would qualify it as an easy paper and hence disappointed with the score. 240 was quite achievable.

And TIME's interface sucks. Too many glitches to name. A lot of time and patience runs out while moving between sections.

Someone should put up a poll for the scores.


Hi RavSingh,

Appreciate your efforts here. I got 133 in the written exam last year and missed out on JB by 4 marks so want to make this year count. Now last year my preparation comprised of merely solving 8-10 mocks. I think difficulty level going up helped my case as I was much more prepared to handle difficulty than to excel with brute speed. What according to you should be my ideal strategy this year? I mean straighaway diving into mocks or going the good old textbook first way? Any other suggestions would also be welcome. Thanks

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Any Mumbai University CAT aspirants here? Need help. What is counted as our degree percentage for competitive exams like CAT & others? BE Final year aggregate or All 8 semesters aggregate? I have a 62.8 % overall aggregate but my final year aggregate is 72%. I am not aware of any Mumbai University defined standard for the above issue but my degree certificate carries the remark - First Class with Distinction (>70). Would be grateful if any past or present aspirants can illuminate me on this. Thanks in advance.

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Great initiative. Missed out on JB this year by 4 marks. More than eager to change that. Subscribing to this thread.

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Seniors, I had a question.

The Bank Challan has two parts - one is the Candidate copy and the other is the NITIE copy. If i am not wrong, I need to send only the NITIE copy with the application form right? Or am I missing a beat here?

@Vision IIM ACL

I need some urgent help buddy. I distinctly remember choosing PGDISEM as the 1st preference, PGDIM as 2nd and PGDITM as 3rd. However, when I took the print-out of the application form, to my astonishment I saw the order jumbled up with PGDISEM now showing as the last preference. After this I checked teh Program details section and it too was showing the wrong preference order. Can you please help me out with getting this changed?

My application No. is 1103812. Let me know if any more information is required. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a ton for your response VisionIIMAcl

Hi Seniors,

I am interested in the PGDISEM Course as I have some experience in the area. I needed some more information about the placement prospects in NITIE for this course. I have gone through the placement information provided on the NITIE website but I was wondering if you guys could provide some more details based on the experience of the past few batches. Below are my questions

1. Percentage of placement of the entire batch for the past few years? No. of placement offers per student? And other relevant info.

2.. Batch Strength of the last few years? (From the website I could gather that there are 38 seats out which 15 are Industry sponsored which leaves 23 for the applicants through the CAT route. But I have read somewhere that the last few batches fell short of the total capacity.)

3. Overall experience of the current and the past batches in terms of satisfaction with the program?

Thanks in advance folks.