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For all those who are worried about hotels at Ranchi, here is a brief overview .

There are quite a few hotels around the Ranchi Railway Station .. The rent varies from 300 per day to over 1000 per day .. You can choose any one of them depending upon your requirements ..

As far as the distance between hotels and institute is concerned : it is about 5 kms .

There are three ways of travelling .

1 . Rickshaw . You can take a rickshaw .. Takes 20 odd minutes and approx 20-25 Rs .

2 . Auto .. Catch an auto to Kantatoli ( 3 Rs ) . Now change another auto ( Bajaj one ) for Main Road ( Rs 5) .. Total Rs 8 .. Time : 20 mins .

3 . You can book an auto directly to the Institute . Would take about 55 -75 Rs . Wont take much time ..

Leave about 45 mins before your scheduled time of your GD and Interview ..

P.S : Most of Rickshaw pullers wont understand XISS , ask them to take you to Xavier College .. It is just next to XISS , hardly at a distance of 1 min if you walk .

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Rain has spoiled chances of both Delhi and KKR to reach semifinals. Looks like Delhi doesn't has luck on their side. last time around they lost to Mohali only because of rain. I think there should be some provision for rain effected match, may be they can be played from the stracth again. It hardly takes 3 hours and it would do justice to the money that people have spent in buying tickets.
Delhi is one of the strongest teams in the competition and to see them struggling to make it to semis because of nature is really irritating.:new_let_it_all_out:

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I have got a blog too
prominently an entertainment blog :p

Rocking Future

It is not the usual free blogspot or wordpress blog.

What are the centers for gd pi ?:tellme:

Does BIM conduct its gd pi throughout major cities of India or is it at some specific centers like IRMA and TAPMI ?:razz:

dont prepare hard topics for irma . simple topics like that one of maharashtra and call centre thats all
if irma is cool than interview is damn chill
highly cooperative seniors

i have my gd pi on 11th and i am leaving today and would be returning on 14th and then i will post my experience . frankly i havent prepared well for irma but lets see

Venue Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, IIFT Bhawan, Qutab Institutional Area , New Delhi - 110016. Phone No : 011-2656 6240, 2696 5724
Date 20-03-08
Time 09.00 a.m.
so fortunate to get a late date I think your experiences will help. Any body in the same slot pm me .
cut offs are 91 percentile but these are for freshers i think what is the cut off for people with work ex

also do not mention anything about your family until unless specifically asked it gives a wrong impression . it is your introduction and not your parent's

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