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X - Matric - 85% State Board
XII - State Board - 79%
B.Tech (Mechanical) - IIT delhi- 72.5%
Passed out in 2003
Work Ex - 51Months

Extracurriculars - Decent

CAT Attempts

2002 - 98.83 Percentile: Couldn't convert lone L call with bad GD and Bad Pi
2005 - 99.3 Percentile: No Calls because I was VA ed . 66% inVA
2007 - 98.79 Percentile

Calls from B, L and I.

Convert: B


L - GD was Average and PI was small and average

I - GD was ok according to me but Panel considered me aggressive and was grilled on it during PI and couldn't convert despite a decent interview.

B - GD was good and PI was feel good. More of a coffee chat.



No. Percentile
0806 98.5%
0805 99.2%
0804 99.9%
0803 98.5%
0802 97%
0801 98%

CAT: 98.79%. I did clear most of the sectional in all mock cats excepton one occasion when I didn't clear VA cut-off.

Calls: B,L,I
Convert: B

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Name: Ajeet Kumar
B.Tech Mechanical Engg.
Calls: BLI
Convert: B

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Puys and seniors,

Do you feel it would be better to avail the educational loan from a bank branch in bangalore. Is there any advantage to it when compared to say, a branch in our home towns?


Just find out the interest rate offered in Bangalore and if Branch in your hometown is offering same rate then go for education loan from hometown.
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I shall shift my focus now to relegation battle ( as pool season's over..!!)

My bet for relegation : Birmingham,Bolton,Derby.....

Lets see....

Good analysis plus Birmingham and Bolton are good riddance. Both are more suited to wrestling than to football. No offense to fans of these two clubs but you would appreciate that how frustrate is to watch these teams when all they want to do is choke the game.
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What is WIMWI, Sir?

I have come across that acronym before on PG, and I could infer that it refers to IIM-A. But now that I am likely to go to IIM-A, I think I need to know what it really means! :neutral:

WIMWI -> Well-Known Institute of Management in Western India

IIML has called additional OBC candidates for interview. Check the website.

Link is http://www.iiml.ac.in/pdf/obcadd.pdf

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Name: Ajeet Kumar
Undergrad: B.Tech Mechanical engineering(IITD)
Work ex: 4.5 Years at Infy and 2 months at Siemens
Location: Pune Currently
Joining IIM B

Although I can't believe this till I get letter


Got Through. Still I can't believe myself

Congrats to all who have receive the offer and Best of luck to everyone else

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a slightly silly question but nevertheless ..... does any1 have any idea about the time (on 1st) when the results will be out??
finally ..... the wait is over!!! atb to all puys :)

Noone will have an actual answer but from previous year experience, IIMC might declare the result tomorrow night 12:00 AM(29 hours from now) and rest will declare during the day. They have not mentioned any time (they mentioned 3:00 PM for GD/PI) so it won't be at same time.

We have waited for so long. We can definitely wait for 48 hours as all result will be out by 7:30 PM on 1st may.
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