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Sanjeev Undri @Ajeet2870

well Niti9889 laugh more if this helps, I am totally drepressed with my result. I got 12%tile. Man I suck big time...
X 70%
X11 52%
BSc 70%
MBA 66% ( local college.. dint like what i got out with hence trying again)

Big negetive 6yrs work ex... Stuides and prepration take back seat. manager and deadlines become important.
Really dont know how i ma going to pull up to prep next year

Hi Pammi Chd. you could drop your phone no on ajeetsanju_70@yahoo.co.in and also route map( nearest land mark) convienient time to meet you, I will come and take the books. Thanks a ton for replying and helping

@pammi.chd : Hello Pammi.Chd, Can you please share your books with me. I am in Bangalore. Please let me know where do you stay and I can pick it up
Hi everybody

I can exchange BYJU Material with Tathagat / Total Gadha's Material . I have also Class notes of Byju.

Can you please give it me. I could meet you this week end in bangalore near BTM


I am sanjeev .. I need the GMAT prep materials you have posted. also if we could meet some time over the next weekend ( i need guidence on GMAT prep)

Please reply


Hi Guys,
I am sanjeev and would like to join the group.

4.7 yrs exp. Market research


GMAT     Tas 2010

Hi guys

Good to know you guys have kept this alive.

congrats to all those who made it to last rounds. your reply's and post have really helped future aspirants :clap::clap::clap:

For all those who did not make it like me.. we will meet next year and compete here..

All the best for those who will be in final round. hope to see more names in this years TAS 2010

GMAT     Tas 2010

Hi Guys,

Well its disappointing time, I cant apply for TAS this year, I could not make it with 2 yrs Cut off, I have 1 yr 11 months,

Nonethe less I wish all the aspirants a best of luck,
I would be closley following this thread and make my prepation for next year,
guys who attend the inteviews plase share your valauable inputs,
please do fill in your email id if you wish any one can contact you and get more information

TCS hr Spoc sent me a sweet mail explaning why I cant apply this year, My manager then got me a book " who Moved my chease?"
well I guess i would be those mice now.prepare well and stop complaning.

good luck to each and everyone.


GMAT     Tas 2010

Hi Guys.
Thanks for such a wonderful converstaion in the forum,
just for your info if you have not noticed it,
the Age limit has been scrapped in the TAS, if you guys can see that in the TAS inhouse.

now it says 2-6 yrs exp by apr 2010,
so just keep the information flowing.

GMAT     Tas 2010

I feel you should apply for this. I have heard that people from different country fly to mumbai to give their final rounds.. I m not sure wheter they have Video conferance for TAS.. but with last 2 years stay in group i have understood not to expect more......
so think before you u jump the line. if you feel you can stil comeback and give it a ry you should not wait for any one to say no... well good luck from my side