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god2be Says
After a long long wait, I'll have to settle for IIMA. IIMC chose not to dip into their waitlists.

Kya jamana aa gaya hai .. people are settling for IIMA nowadays

We guys will surely miss u at Joka but vastrapur is not that bad a place after all

Congrats Mate Party Hard
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I made it to IIM Bangalore

Cant express myself in words at the moment.... will write more soon...


Captain Sir
maine kya bola tha.. aap Bangy jaa rahe ho matlab jaa rahe ho

Treat Joka parcel kar dena
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sumit_good4u_gr Says
Can someone tell me what was the cut-off for additional calls given to OBC people because I didn't get a call at 97.70 %ile......any other IIMs are calling.......any recent news ??

The cut-offs have been updated in the doc at IIM-C site...
The cut-offs for OBC ;
24.00 89.85 sec1
39.58 89.53 sec2
22.00 89.80 sec3
35.00 98.14 OA

Oh it's TIME for the AIM CATs again....

Some really nostalgic feelings ...... Was part of all this year after year .. it feels really odd not to have taken the test ...

All the Very Best To Everyone !!! Take, analyze and enjoy the mocks
They are real fun .. I can tell u because I am missing the FUN now...

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Belated Happy Birthday Anirban
Wish a Great Year Ahead

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I guess the poll is already giving incorrect results as Amit and hurricane have voted and they r going for C.

Basically the word is whoever is leaving K for "ABC" please do not vote here.


Just wanted to ask if the qualifying maths test will be a objective one like ATM or will it be subjective.

Heard that it will be a subjective one... getting scared now


Hey guys,
I have got a final call from IIM C- PGDCM ......

Can you ppl let me know..if IIM C 2008-10 batch has a yahoo or a orkut group......

And congratulations to all the ppl who have received the calls from Calcutta...::

also for the delhi ppl.....whn are u guys planning to leave....

Mate ..Congrats For Making it to JOKA

Orkut Community : http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=51724934
Google Group : iimcfinalcalls08-10@googlegroups.com

While joining the google group please mention ur CAT TR No: and DOB so that seniors can approve it..


do PGDCM candidates also have this exam....?


No it is only for PGDM candidates....
If u have both offers and decide to take PGDM then also u have to take the test..
As most of you have decided by now that you would be coming to IIMC, let me give you some pointers for the next 2 years.I am one of those who struggled to adjust to the IIM education and I think I can help people like me who are a bit old compared to the avg batch age.

1. The easier part is done, now you would face the rigour of IIM education. There are no two things about it, it is rigorous and you are expected to slog.First term would bring your feet back to earth from all the ephoria you would have during this time.

2. If you think you are average in quant, I recommend you brush up your fundamentals before coming here. If you are good at quant, you can ace most of the subjects here.

3. All those who never studied stats, try to learn the basics of conditional probability and statistics.

4. People interested in Fin can practise a bit of accounting during this one month.

5. We have some of the world's best profs in Eco, Fin and Stats and they expect you to be good.

6. yes, having a good CGPA would get you shortlists from most of the best companies but you are expected to talk well.So, practise these skills.With good communication skills you can sail through any interview.

7.Utilize this month to prepare yourself for a very good learning experience.

more later.....

Thanks Surya for the valuable inputs...

Some queries from my side...

1.By quants do you mean numbers/cat level quants or is it more of higher maths like integration and stuff...

2.I have 4 yrs of IT exp ...how tuff will be it be for me to shift to finance...
have heard that more of IT exp is a negative for getting short-listed in Fin companies...

3.Will 1st term scores be considered for summers or will it be totally profile based?

Eagerly Awaiting ur reply...
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