• neha
  • 8 karma

only 34 seats in MAIT for dgen
n 75 in DIAS??? although 5 seats stl left in USMS...

no chance of gtng MAIT :((

should i go 4 DIAS with rank 424???

hey all !!
how many seats are there in MAIT ???? 60 or 120 ???

hey puys who are or will be attending counselling today ,plz let us all know which colleges participated today ?? and what is the seat matrix???

wat da hell IP doing??? y thy r dng so?:-(:sneaky:

wat da hell IP doing??? y thy r dng so?

hey rank is 424..any chance of gtng MAIT???

yipeeeeeeeeeeee......finaaallllyy...cant blv..ckhd thrice....very happy...mine on 6th sept ,9 am...rank 424...any1 else on the same day n timing???:

anyway congo to all puys who lost their weight in wait of THE GREAT IP !!!;);)

well everyday they have a new its impossible to blv IP

they are not gng to upload anything today also...y they r playing with our heart,mind ,emotions etc?????

hopes shattering update ... :((