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@Bhagiradh correct but how?
Observe the construction where line AB is parallel to line CD. The measure of angle ACB is 90 degrees. Segment AC is equal to segment BC. Also, segment AB is equal to segment BD. Find the measure of angle CBD.

@pankaj1988 sahi hai......kaise?

plz explain.
@pankaj1988 sahi hai.......kaise ??

can u explain......

Q1) There are 3 coplanar parallel lines. If any p points are taken on each of the lines, then find the maximum number of triangles with the vertices of these points.

a) p^2(4p-3) b) p^3(4p-3) c) p(4p-3) d) p^3

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@anytomdickandhary good approach.......
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Qn) It takes 6 technicians a total of 10 hrs to build a computer. If 6 of techicians start to build at 11 AM, and one technician per hour added beginning at 5 PM, at what time they build the computer.

1. 6:40pm 2. 7:00 pm 3. 7:20 pm 4. 8:00 pm
@ayushbhalotia answer is 1st option
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