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Hi ALL....

I am happy to see the positive attitude... And also the quest for learning!!!!!
One Question: How many of don't want a placement n only decent education??? thr might not b e1 10%... guys, my point is that placements r extremely imp... this is d bottom line!!!!!

As far as d education is concerned... let me assure u that there will b many many fake promises.
I will give some examples from d patriots batch:

--> GL management backtracked on the number of courses promised initially. there were 4 courses totally cancelled without any refunds!!!!! n mind u, they charge 10000 for each extra course u take, other than ur electives.

--> the entire patriots batch could not get even a single software(be it SAS or SPSS) though 5000 bucks wr charged for the same. Again thr r no refunds!!!!!

--> there is no clear evaluation system and there is no transparency in ur grades!!!!

also, some other startling facts about the food and infrastructure:
-->though the catering is done by sodexo, the food is intolerable. d lunch will b d only edible meal.
-->the food is neither north indian nor south indian. its a terrible mix of both!!!
--> since the admin consists of many TAMIL BRAHMINS, there will only b veg food served in d campus!!!!

--> u will live near the coast and there will be torrential rains for 3-4 months, this is d time u will regret coming to GL cuz i have heard that the entire so called green campus floods during rains.
--> most of the rooms are flooded with water and there will always b danger of electric shocks.
--> u will not e1 b able to walk to classes unless u have a boat with u.


Dude!!! ur post is thoroughly entertaining!! made me tide over the disappointment due to CSK's defeat today.

Mumbai has torrential rains too, and the city does get flooded as well. have u heard of one person vacating the city because of rains??? Gimme a break!!! We are in India mate, not in Singapore!! GL is built in the outskirts of Chennai, we can't expect the drainage to be on par with that in the city.

God help u if u pay so much of importance to food. I dont know of many hostels that provide food that students like. If u know of any such place, please join that college and spare us the trouble.

Please dont spoil the sanctity of the forum by bringing in caste (u referred to TAMIL BRAHMINS) here. no votebank politics please!! And FYI, there is a restaurant right outside the college that serves non-veg food.

One thing i do not understand. U clearly dont intend to join GL. Y would u spend ur time for something that u r not even remotely interested in?
Bhuvan is now busy collecting and analyzing data from "reliable sources" for the next episode of ongoing Great Lakes drama...he is informative at times and provides balance to the hyper positive vibes about the college with his remarks..:)will be good to have him in class

I wonder how he hasn't GROANED at my post yet. Of late, he has taken it upon himself to GROAN at my posts, even if I just say Good morning or the ilk!!
Hi Pooja,

I have been following this thread even after 8th March. I'm simply amazed by the patience and reverence you have shown towards Great lakes. As you have said, I sincerely hope that there be a WL movement during the weekend and you get through it. Good Luck.

- Anjan

Bang on Anjan. All the very best Pooja. You should get through for this wonderful attitude alone, more than anything else!

All these speculations are scary. I have a Rs.27000 EMI to pay, starting from May 2011! I cant even afford to waste 15 days! But I believe that if I am good enough, I will get a job. If I am not, even an MBA from a Harvard won't fetch me one. Period.

indraneel2mukh Says
For the prsopective students of Great Lakes, please start using the thread - Great Lakes Class of 2012, I shall answer all your queries there to the best of my knowledge.

next DP??
Hi Guys,

I have been searching the entire net, including Great lake site, to know what is the certificate that is provided at the end of the PGPM program. Is is a Post graduate diploma or a masters degree?

Please suggest. This is urgent.

Regret, if i have missed any post on this site.

Thanks in advance.

I think the degree awarded is a Post Graduate Program in Mgt, PGPM.
Hi all

I just wanna share a relevant point which i noticed about GL.I had a GL convert i have something to say regarding the interviewer.He was wearing a ring in his ear.Ok i understand its a style statement but really i did not expect that.GL gives so much emphasis on values,ethics,karma yoga and Indian tradition.So it was you know very awkward.

We must remember that all these schools are after all making money.I strongly felt that Uncle Bala really has not given that much attention to GL(maybe because of personal reasons).The school really has not evolved what it should have been.I know rankings does not really say much about an institute(except in US where there is a different sort of infrastructure) but still in India's perspective rankings do matter.Companies will first see the rankings and then they will recruit until off course you have a huge alumni network.

Besides,GL is only good for marketing.Finance guys do not have huge scope at GL.They had to shift back to their previous IT concerns.

Regarding Harvard,Stanford etc all these schools have huge network with a lot of field experience.But still not everyone becomes Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani .So comparing GL with the tops and with ISB is just wastage of time and resources.

So i think that if anyone has admit from top 20 schools in india (symbi,nmims,sp,mdi,ximb etc) he/she should go ahead with them instead of GL.

P.S.I am not here to malign GL but to say few things which i noticed and researched on the institute.I have got 3 IIM calls and 2 good US bschool calls.So i wont be joining.

Good Luck


Congrats on your IIM and US B School calls. All the best.

While I beg to differ on most of your points, your point on the "ring" aspect takes the icing on the cake.

What does wearing a ring have to do with "ethics"? Since when did wearing rings become unethical? How can one feel awkward by looking at a man wearing a ring!
Hey Puys,

I just got a call which i was expecting on 8th march.

I am in office....and cannot check my gmail etc. Can someone plz PM me DP, Aashish or Mandar'S cellphone numbers to get in touch with them.

I have very strict deadlines to abide. Don't knwo how to arrange everything in 20-25 days....

******Any help on immediate LOAN securing contacts would be helpful.******

Senior Gladiators..plz pour in your thoughts....

You mean you have converted your wait list into an admit???
Being over 90 kilos at meagre hieght of 5 ft 2" at young age of 24, nothing other than 'Bheem' suits her Period.

Aniways, moving on, anyone having any idea, when the results for IIM, MDI, Nitie, Sp jain will be out as that might move the waitlist to a big extent. That might bring a huge relief to waitlisters

Dont u have some sense of decency when you talk with a GIRL??????
Seriously hope the moderators ban you.

PS: I am neither 24 years of age, nor do I weigh over 90 kgs nor am I a "meagre" 5'2"