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rajivchatterjee Says
Any help guys?

Hi Rajiv,

I dont know much about MSIA program repo and job prospects but I do know about MSF program.

The MSF program doesnt have any GA/Schol option so I doubt there will be one for MSIA.

Regarding job prospects it would be advisable to contact a current student or a pass out of that program. For MSF program last few years have been difficult given the economic situation and the fact that MBAs are always given preference over them.
If the curriculum and career services remain the same , is there any advantage of doing an MBA rather than a MSIA..

The biggest advantage is Internship included in MBA. Secondly the curriculum is not exactly same as you cannot complete the whole course taught in 2 yr program condensed in a 1 year program. And obviously MBA is much better recognized as compared to MSIA or MSF.

The advantage of doing MSIA or MSF is that you will spend much less money and also have to take a much shorter break from your employment.

Also MSIA is much more suited for fresh undergrads and MBA for as we all know 3 4 years experienced students.

I hope this answers your confusion!
Kuldeep, I could add you with this new email id.
But same issue persists with other people.


Hi Shorya,

I have a solution for this problem. You must be getting a message that there are x number of members pending for confirmation? and clicking on that is it showing some error message?

@GMBA2012 finally you got your mail ...Congrats dude!

Guys, generally the ad com sits on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to decide upon the admit decisions. So expect the mail to come anytime today! All the best!

@Bharath, No dude...I am based out of India only. Will see you at Purdue only

Hi Bharath,

Well I have posted my profile earlier in this thread..will do it once again...

I have 4 years experience of trading Fixed Income(primarily US markets). I have cleared 2 Levels of CFA, will be appearing for L 3 this June.

So given my profile I am leaning more towards IBD.

@Mani - As far as corporate finance is concerned, Krannert has a decent record of placements in that field but I am not too sure about IBD in which I am interested. So will have to go and see only.

Hi Bharath,

you can count me for the Finance specialization!

Hi Mani (right?) ....I guess the group is working fine...try once more.

Hi bharath, google group is a mail group rather than a social network is the link...

and yeah congrats on your admit and GA!

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