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Crash_test_dummy Says
Thought i`d tell you guys about this...i had my first official CFA nightmare last night!

I saw i failed CFA level 1 for the third time in a row and ended up as a construction worker...My visa got denied coz they said i was too dumb to work in the US...and my girl dumped me for an investment banker with a CFA charter.
Anyone else starting to panic or am i alone? :neutral:
PS: vin dude, i tried to send you a pm last night (in real, not in my nightmare!) and my explorer crashed. i`m not sure if you got it. lemme know.

Thats a real nasty dream CTD. (lots of creativity --construction worker...investment banker CFA charter )
Hi.. This is my first post to the thread. Me doing MBA from IIT Kanpur. 1st year. I was searching a finance course to recommend to a friend when I found this thread. Now I am interested in CFA myself ! I must admit that being an engg, its really tough to understand even the basics of finance (at least it was for me)... But I am in no hurry.. plan to take the Level 1 in dec or june next year. If confident enough, I will register for Dec.
I have been reading the posts and would like to thank CTD, arch and others for keeping this thread alive and posting so much info for others. U guys are doing a great job. I would like to contribute and am ready to help anyone preparing for CFA.
I have searched the IITK library and found that it has the book which CTD wrote (as is also prescribed on the CFA ka web site) "Investment analysis and portfolio management (7th edition) - Frank K. Reilly and Keith C. Brown". They have the seventh edition here.

Dear Deepak,

I am a mechanical engineer. I had an upwards of 2 years work experience at the time of interview. The interview room had 3 people. 2 sitting across the table and third one slightly at a distance. The third person did not speak at all. Probably observing body motions or reading facial expressions.

The questions were mostly on work experience. I was working with a call center at the time of interview. So, I was asked to narrate the script in the same accent as I would on a call. I was then asked about my work engagements over the years. Other questions included some basics like newton's law. Not much of acads. One person asked about vectors- some very basic definitions and then asked whether finance is a vector or scalar.

But, don't take it too lightly. People who went before me were asked extensive technical questions. Some of them were freshers but not all.

I hope the above info helps.


Vishal Aggarwal
MBA Class of 2007
IIT Kanpur-208016