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HI every1..

i have a very basic question.. is FRM core reading, FRM handbook and Book by Jorion, are all same..?? if yes, which edition will be useful for May 2013??

some1 please reply urgently..

Thanks in advance.

hi anyone from Kolkata for May 2013??? looking for study group... any online group for May'13, please inform.

kunalg Says
What would be the tentative dates for GDPI?

nachiketa123 Says
seniors plz give us some gyaan what all topis to cover for gd-pi.

Hi Seniors

its good to hear about 100% placement within just 2 days.

Can smone plz tell the avg. pkg offered ?:clap:

and one more question:- i believe NIBM is a good institute,but why cut-offs are so low in 80.xx ?:-o

hoping for a quick reply


anuj247 Says
How many applications received this year? How many students called for gdpi?

hey everyone...

i got some questions...
-how many people have been called for the GD/PI ??
-tentative date for GD/PI ?? (some1 said mid march, some say mid april)
-on an average, how much does an employee at MMG-II carry home ?? :|

thanks !!

some1 tell how many people are called for GD/PI this year ??
total seats 60/75 ?

Common and repetitive questions, so a common answer for all dese:

1. GDPI date: GDPI will be starting from Mid March onwards..

2. total applications recieved: 1200.

3. no. of people that will be called: all getting above 80.29%le in CAT. number still not clear.

4. No. of seats: 70 (targeted.. +/- 5 can be adjusted)

5. Results of GDPI: to be declared by 2nd week of April.

6. How to prepare for GD: read newspaper daily and be aware of new developments being taken place in banking in particular.

7. Package offered in Placement: scale 2 salary which is similar for all banks. however, CTC differs from bank to bank in little amount.. thus, quoting a salary is not possible. Regarding salary u can just google salary for scale 2 managers.

8. Profiles offered: NO RETAIL PROFILES. and basically credit and also risk and treasury..
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Students securing less than 60% in graduation where not eligible for how many banks and which banks?
This isnt answered as one of the senior said placement are going on and will answer once it gets over......
sorry if you found my earlier post irritating or annoying but i need to be sure that students securing less than 60% have a fair chance of getting into good bank as we are investing hard earned money of our parents for our education

dude,i think u need to be calm here. i see that he has asked this like 2 3 times but its a genuine concern for him.its about his life and this time he is asking when the report is out and avg,highest and lowest is nowhere mentioned in the placements.

and regarding what u said in the bolds:
dude its obvious that only core banking sector will recruit man.i mean why on earth an FMCG company would come here.

no offence to anyone but just felt that u were getting harsh for some genuine concerns of someone.
hope we all convert

guys calm down...

fine let me reveal u guys which i was not supposed to..

Some banks like Allahabad bank & Union Bank explicitly mentioned that dey need 60% in grads... and none of the banks mentioned it bt they needed 60% above from ur PG course.. so once u finished landing in smethng undesirable, u shud prove in future that dat was not intentiional or lack of hard work.. and just be calm, if u have the "THINGS" that are required to be successful, ur past marks will not maater much.. so enjoy the phase and LIFE..
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the placements look awesome, congratulations for that to the passing out batch:cheers:

but we were hoping for a more detailed placement report, and would like to know which company offered what kind of profile...something more on the lines of this post or better

check it out dude.. Placements 2010-12..

kunalg Says
What would be the tentative dates for GD/PI?

it wil be out very soon..

Congrats to everyone who got placed!
Are there any seniors who got less than 60% in graduation and got placed?
Please reply
What are the major obstacles one will face if he has less than 60% in graduation at the time of placements?

this question is already answered two or three times.. please take the pain to refer to previous posts..

avneeshmunjal Says
the placements are very nicebut what about the highest, lowest, average and median salary?????

kingsdesire Says
Seniors can u please tell us about the median,highest, lowest salary its our lives that's on sword

salary for ll scale 2 is as per IBA guidelines, Scale 2 salary without differentiation..
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Shortlist will be out soon..

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS cut off will be around 80.29%le (99% confidence) and above... :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

All the best to all those who are above this mark... enjoy..

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coolg219 Says
Werent total seats 60 or number of seats were less or 10 seats were left vacant or any other thing?

our batch strength was 50 only... :clap:
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ritthere4u Says
what about us bro??? plz let us know when r the results out!!!

read the last post u will get wat abt u all...
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rakshitbehel Says
this is absurd really..nibm did reply me back saying that the criteria for shortlisting will be out in tha last week of jan..i know it was the placement week..but a college being run by 1969 should not really have any kind of difficulty of being a little multi-tasking and letting its future aspirants know their fate...hope nibm is listening...:drinking::cheers:

hey people...

i need to know some things...
-about how many applications were received by NIBM this year ? :shock:
-about how many students get shortlisted for GD/PI ?? :

and ITS FEBRUARY....!!

|abhinavupadhyay Says
Seniors Please Reply!!!

coolg219 Says

Hi Seniors,

hope u all understand our anxiety.... we know its all the time not possible for u to predict the release of the dates.

then plz atleast reply to our questions and say that u r exactly not sure. one of my friends here have posted that he has called up the admissions department.and they confirmed it will out by today or tomorrow 4 sure.... can u guys plz confirm atleast?

dude's, have patience it will be out in a day or so.. try to understand that the college was facing the most important event of its operations...
so have patience, i will try to get any info if i get...
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Guys, placements week ended with fruitful results...

for those who are worrying abt grads %age,, candidates from our batch also get placed in with the same below 60% but ya they do have to leave sme banks as they didnt eligible for them and thus they had to fight a little bit..

but NIBM rocks, Just 2 days and all 50 are placed.. :clap::clap::clap:

regarding package, we are not authorise to quote it, but for PSB, its according to IBA scale II manager, and the salary remains same for all public banks.. :cheers:

regarding private, it is not yet to be disclosed..

a total of 12 banks and 1 company Genpact participated in the process..:o:o:o

so overall, all are happy and waitng to get exposed to the corporate world... so :cheers::cheers:

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