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Hi All,

I am through PGDCM after a horrible interview.....
Waitlisted in PGDM at 6 after a relative good interview......hopefully this will be converted.....

Going back to Calcutta........and believe me it feels very nice..

today is the party time...:drinking::drinking::drinking:

Here goes mine...
Work-Ex-43 months (IT Industry)
Extra Curricular: 3 NCFM certi, 2 Technical Certi
Venue-Monarch Luxur Hotel,Bangalore
23rd March,9:00 A.M.
GD: Society is responsible for criminalization of politics
12 people and 10 min for the GD
It was a good discussion though, fish market sometimes..overall good..
I talked against the topic..:banghead: I was supporting the politicians..:banghead:
Rate your preparation (0-5):3.5
Rate your performance (0-5):3
Horrible...they asked me design a Sudoku and asked about some technical subs which I can not rem..v v bad..but got a chocolate and they wanted me to have cashews also but the plate was empty..

P1, P2, P3 and Me (M)
P2 told me to hand over the file and asked about the call letter which I did not have with me in the room. They told me to produce that when intvw is done.
P3: Tell something about urself.
I was about to start
P2: U are giving him the chance to talk about his strong points...tell about ur weaknesses
M: elaborated on the first one...
P2: Can u tell that in single word?
M: Don't Know, Sir (I don't think there is a single word to express that)
P2: Ok, so u want to say u are creative or spontaneous..thats why u have this problem
M: did not say anything...
P2: but u know...Blah blah...How will you handle that.
M: blah blah
P2: give me one example where u faced this problem
M: blah blah
P3: In IIM C also u will face that type of situation..what do u think of that.
M: I clarified my stance confidently. (1st weakness gone):grin:
P2: what is next?
M: elaborated on the next one also. it was about prioritizing tasks.
P3: How will u prioritize ur work?
M: 1) Depending on the work delivery time
2) Cant rem now
3) Based upon the demanding nature of a person.
P3: Suppose there is a person..whose daughter is calling him to meet and on other hand he has an appointment with client. What should the person do?
M: I..srry..that person can go to his daughter and talk with the client via phone..
P2: suppse u are in IIM C , he (pointing to P3) teaches XX (cant rem) and I teach BS, people call me whose subject u will prepare firstand blah blah..
M: Sir, I will prepare the subjects according to my preferences I will prepare the subs which I like first and then will go for other subjects..
P2: what is ur next weakness?
M: sir, can not recall anything now.
P2: so, introspection has not been done or u dont want to tell us about ur will we judge you if u dont tell us about urself..
M: no sir..its not that..I have done my introspection but now, I am not able to recall them.
Hard to convince them..after saying 2-3 times they left that weakness part..bach gaya..
P2: so, tell us about ur strong points. .
I was about to start
P2: tell fast..U must have prepared them..
M: elaborated on the first was about adaptability
P1: so u have adapted to sea fish from lake fish
Had a discussion about that one and finally they concluded that I am not a fish person
P2: next
M: told in one word
suddenly, P1: Is it a job interview or something else (my last three points were from job experience)
M: Obviously sir, it is something else
P1: tell me what we are looking in a candidate
M: Sir I think blah blah
P2: ok next,
M: told next two and no discussion on those two.
P2: I am seeing u have done some NCFM certification.
M: yes, sir
P2: so u know about sensex,nifty..tell me what is the criteria for sensex and nifty
M: free float m-cap
P2: what is free float m-cap,
M: told
P2: what is m-cap
M: told
P2: what is outstanding share?
M: told
P2: are there any other criteria?
M: told about impact cost criteria in nifty.
P2: SENSEX does not have this criteria..?
M: No sir, I checked BSE site but could not find anything regarding that.
P2: what is the main difference b/w sensex and nifty
M: told 30/50 and BSE/NSE part but he was looking for something else
P3: what are the stocks u invested in?
M: Kingfisher and Unitech
P3: Kingfisher.. (laughs around )so u are looking for glamour.
M: no sir, told about price trend and i got it at a cheap price.
P3: but there are good airhostesses in Kingfisher..dont u like them..
M: smiled.
Then again talked about ipl and cwg games coming..
P3: did u check m-cap of kingfisher
M: no sir, but I checked price earnings ratio..which was negative..
P3,P2 laughs..
P3: why not jet?
M:told that jet already reached higher price once but kingfisher failed to reach that I think there is an upside left in kingfisher..
P1: ok so u know everything about kingfisher...tell me what is alliance Kingfisher is with
M: its of UB group but don't know about the alliance part
P1: what is ur comment on Unitech and Nortel deal.
M: Sir, I think, diversification of profile is always good for an organization.
P1: repeats my sentence.
P2: Ok we are done..
M: thank u to all and left.
overall 20+ min duration
when I got out of the room I was feeling good bt C intvws are like can not say anything..
I will rate it as 3.

eN_Be Says
hey, congrats! can u please post your profile? Thanks

CAT 99.98
X-88.5% (WB Board)
XII-87.9% (WB Board)
Work Ex-3.5 yrs till date

P.S.- Seeing ur earlier post (before editing) I thought of sending u a PM..

Hi All,
I got a call from B.
so far I am BLACK
Congos to all call getters and best of luck

asthanotani Says
Does not connected to database means a reject?

No, I also got the error initially but after clicking on refresh icon I got the confirmation screen.

Hi All,
Got a call 2...

work ex-3.5 yrs

All the best to all call getters....

Me 2 got a call for PGDM and PGDCM
OA: 99.98
all sectionals: 99.xx

Best of luck to call getters

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Got a call from IIM A

my score OA:99.98 Qa:99.75 LRDI: 99.4 VA:99.75
Grad-69.6%(BE in Electrical)
Work Experience: 3.5 yrs in IT

And I am

Best of luck to all fellow call getters

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I also did not get the call letter. I called up the admissions office today and they told me that they have despatched all the call letters via Blue Dart. They asked to wait till saturday. If the courier is not reached till that day then we should call them up and they will let us know about the courier no.

Hi all,
got a call for XL-BM (didn't fill PMIR)
my score breakup

OA-98.89 % ile

Congrats to fellow call getters.:cheerio:

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