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hello everyone.. congrats to all those who got thru..
i'm posting here after a long long time..i guess i missed on a lot of info.

well i secured the 1st rank at nift.. will be joining delhi for sure..
cud anyone plz tell me is it in anyway possible for me to get hostel accomodations?? i'm a delhiite.

seniors.. need ur help.. plz tell us the timings for the lectures.. i mean does it generally get very late in the evenings?? not tht i have any problems with tht.. just wanted to know.

and also.. wht's the dress code?? is it formal-like for most of the b schools?

i'm really looking fwd to the 10th of july..

signing off for now..

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Heres the link for results:

thanks for posting the link..
i got thru..

XAT percentile 99.34
VA 91 DI 99 QA 91
no work ex.
hi guysssssss
culd we plz 4 god sake open up a new forum for this yrs rsltsssssssssss:grab:

we'll do that wen this yr's results r out.. but wennnnnnnn wil they b out..:huh:
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i juz mentioned the VA notes that giv sentence rules.....
that 1 is good as it pretty much covers all
apart frm that for VA theres no need fr ny notes...... reading is wt i prescribe...

As fr quant no material will teach u alternate methods....
most will giv u juz formulae
u gta dvp them urselves

DI is ok there

i agree with u on the VA part... read read n read.. tht's wat is important..
But IMS DI material is not good.. atleast dint help me at all..
and quant..only practice can help.. cramming up the formulas one day.. and using thm in the exam is CBSE style.. won't work here.

hav u guys already started preparing?? i can only do tht only after april..
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hey man

I think i m not too late.I am ankur bansal doing my engineering from NSIT.Hey not able to get how to work for vocab.Plz help somebody.

hi ankur

late?? not at all.. i think we r here a li'l early..
for vocab.. thr's only one answer.. Read , read n read
cramming up the words n their meanings doesn't help. understanding their proper usage is important..

bbye for now
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hey ankita r u sure bout the dates for the finals??

same here man, ill too start with prep. in may well looking to do some kida
work while preparing for cat too

nah! not sure.. tht's wat the lecturers say
i agree with u on tht ims & cl material part.. not much use.. but thn joining a test series will definitely help.. months to go b4 tht..

till thn happy preparation
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hey ag thats what im doing
how r ur preparations for mains going any idea abt the date sheet>?
happy posting

hey amrita
the date sheet is not out as yet.. but most prob the mains will start around 12th april and end around 30th. so i'll start preparing for CAT im may.. not b4 tht.

i'v heard a lot abt the TIME test series.. i'll take tht this yr. last time i took the IMS simcats.they too r good splly VA

signing off
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hi ppl

count me too for this... i'm ankita.. eng hons 3rd yr. CAT 2004 was disaster.. looking fwd to CAT2005 now.. i'v got ims's good

saurabh ji kya khaate ho.. 98 without studying.. sahi hai.

hope to see more posts here

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didnt get thru thanks anyways

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hi curtz,sweetgirl,natasha...

here is a list of all those who are still waitin to know their results....pls let us know....asap
plz let us know even if we haven't got thru...the anxiety is killin...

8250105 - shruti sehgal
7060424 - arun
8440828- anoop
8370105- amit
8260928- Abhishake vijay
5420064- Naveen N Kutty
8160297- ankita gupta
8370088- Vikram Lalla
8140464- Rohit Tuteja
3180368- Prashant N Menon
3120859- misha garg
5650085- Akshay Sharma

thnx a lot

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