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I have got 99.11%ile...score of 147....What chances do I stand for KJ somaiya??? from open category.mumbai university.thnka nyways

Hi Guys

I have scored a total of 122 in CET 2009. Which all colleges I can opt for with my score?

I have been alloted a seat in minority quota in Shah & Anchor College, Chembur-Mumbai.
If I pay my fees and secure the seat in the college will I be eligable for CAP Round?

Please reply as soon as possible. I am in extreme tension. :-(:-(:-(

Thank You!!

dont worry buddy.Secure ur seat in shah and participate in cap rounds.
ull be eligible for it.even one of ma friends is doing the same.dont put shah coll as option in cap round.If u get a better college in cap.well and good.withdraw ur admission from shah college.if not u have backup.
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There is a prob.I have submitted my graduation degree in my law coll.If at all I get admission in mba coll of my choice thru cet(which may happen only in cap round-4),I wud take it up and withdraw my admission from law.But will I be allowed to participate in cap round without my graduation certificate.If yes wat do I need to carry?

Somebody plzzz help its urgent................

softharsh Says
At 147 and being OHU..its very difficult to get into PUMBA..but u can try your luck.:cheerio:

Thanks.I know nothing to hope till cap 1 but wat abt after dat I mean cap 2 3 and 4?

I got 147/240 in cet and a home university student(mumbai)

Which college should I target?

Also can anyone plz tell me smthing abt cap round 4.

I got 147/241 in cet.My state rank is 1669
Am mumbai university student.Wat are my chances of making to PUMBA?

I read a thread which is malingning this college!How true is it?

Plzzzzzz reply

my score is 147.state merit rank 1669.which colleges can i expect 4 cap 3

Can anyone tell me which colleges can I expect?
My score is 147.
State merit list:1669
Am an home university student

candidate type open mumbai university
cet score 148
uni rank 1208

which colleges arer good? to apply for in this score..

I have scored from open category and home university student.