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thanks for the info..i know mba is not required for being an entrepreneur..but i have no business knowledge at all. So i dont know where to start.

hotel mngmt doesnt teach anything about business so i thought an mba would be a good i will have something to fall back on incase my restaurant plans dont work.

i m not great at business.just good at cooking up i need the help.

I have a degree in hotel management and and dream of opening my own restaurant,so i want to pursue an MBA in entrepreneurship in india. which would the best colleges?All the colleges i have seen offer only post graduate programs equivalent to an mba.please suggest.

Hi !

I dream of having my own restaurant one day and am very keen to do my MBA in entrepreneurship either in India or abroad.

I have already completed my hotel management degree and have a work experience of 18 months.

Please let me know which would be the best colleges for me.