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Hi Cryonerve,

Congrats for your new born daughter.....!
I am new to PG.
I just took my GMAT got scored 720!...GOOD in Acads but nothing much in Extra curricular activities..!with a 2yr experience in IT industry.
I am thinking of applying to HBS now.....Can you please tell me if my profile is OK?

One more thing I need to know is.....will the recommendation letters matter much?
In General from whom should we get them? I heard getting them from top bureaucrats in India will help!!

Please help me......and share your ideas.


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I have found the SCG Manhattan first...:) kaplan books were also there and I could negotiate!. All I could not find is the Kaplan CD..

Thank you


Hi All,

I wrote GMAT yesterday. My score was 720 (Q 51, V 3.
I thought GMAT was the toughest part....but got to know now that it is the easiest part. :(
as I am finding it very difficult to know in which colleges I can get admission. etc.

Is there any Applications COunselling / Admission Counselling centre in Hyderabad who helps us in finding the B school.....and suggesting about Reco letters etc etc....

Please help me guys.......and its very urgent...

Appreciate your replies....