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Hello puys

i gave my cat on 5th dec 2nd slot

total attempts = 46 expected correct 37( at max ) and 34 (at min)
though i expect 36 to b right to be on a bit positive side

quant = 13 (13 c)
di =15 (12 c max and min 11c)
va= 18(12 c max min 10c):drinking:

what percentile ( max and min both) can i expect i ma realy looking forward to ur advice..plz help me out

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pheww....could have done a lot lot better was a v v easy n straight froward paper....(courtesy to my health)

according to ims
section_____attempts____right______wrong______net score
1. Eng_______17_________14________3_________13.25
2.lr__________18_________16________2_________15.5 (scraping geeta question)

3.quant______22_________ 22____0 _____ 22

4. di_________18__________16________2____________15.5

over all 75 :banghead::banghead:________68______7________66.25(...courtsey to my health):drinking:

do i have a slightest of chance of getting into iit r or d 4 the least ......??
( general category)

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done with my final mock 17 ...pheww....nice test

here is mah result .....


english ______36____24______ * __________13_____3
qant ________36____27______ * _________12_____0 :thumbsup:
di___________21__22______ * _________8______3 :banghead::banghead:

overall ______93____83______97.89_____33_____6

*= showing 100 percentile (some problem in the server i guess :splat: although would have been glad if that would have been for real ..but i kno its not )

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finally finished online mock 17

DI-29(76.6%ile) ages since i cleared VA cut off..:splat:

doesnt matter will take another mock 2 morow
dekhta hun kab tak clear nhi hoga VA ka cut off.

coz 1 st ko to hona hi padega....

achaa hai na bhai apne sare energy va k liye bacha ke rakho.....i am sure u vil do it when it matters ( 1st ko u r gona rock__)

all d best to all ....
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I think it could be more related to the difficulty level and/or the type of questions. (Eg: Inferential RCs are difficult that normal ones) So don't draw conclusions too soon. Look for these things. It is important to understand which areas you are doing well and under what conditions you are doing them well.
Secondly, English is something that takes time to prepare, but once you reach a decent level, it stays. So don't lose confidence.

You are pretty close to the D-day. So take care of your temperament. Don't take any tests in the last 3-4 days.Revise whatever you need to and keep your cool.

All the Best.

thnkx for a reply i really appreciate it ....

generally in a inferretial kind of rc i get 3c 2w (at times 4c 1w) and where as in fact based rc i get 4c 1w .....its only now dat i am starting to face prob in inferential rc's pretty badly ...same happning with para complettions ....well i have seen that in aimcats (recent one's pirticularly) the rc r way too long n i am facing prob in those only where as in cl test where rc's r short i am doing fine ( gave some sectional test of cl)...
i think its a standard case of last minute nerves... as you say rightly in your status message ... its a game of temprament now ... so just cool down and chill a little ...dont do too many RCs right now... focus on being calm ... and i am sure you'll crack cat easily

... a small query .. how do you manage to do so well in verbal ability ... it seems to be my biggest weekness.. any tips or resources would be welcome

thanks in advance

well regarding verbal its weakest of d three sections but ya what i can adhvice is focus on rc's and other general stuffs , ( personal opinion) coz i dnt have good vocab and nor am having a command or grammar rules (too many of them for me to digest) so i focus mainly on other parts

while u read a rc note down imp point that u read in a para ...when u reach the end u will find u have summarised the entire rc in ur own words and while doing quest u wont need to retrace back ...u wil get the answers from ur summarisation only...n more over writting dwn point helps u undertand the rc better ( again a personal opinion)...i guess dis might help....
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Posted - 24/11/2009 : 3:17:53 PM
Test summary

this was mah second aim cat( not an time student was done with mah cl test so bought this one) ...dont know wat to make out of it after seeing such high scores ...(must have done better in va for sure )

va was easy..i dnt kno wa came over me when i was doing va ....

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well as far as unproc test are concerned a score of around 30%-35%+ of the over all score must suffice the chances of clearing the cut offs ....

well i agree people cheat a lot in online test and hence the cut offs r also ona higher side no need to worry about such high cut off in online mocks ...i am sure if dey would have been made proctered the cut off must have come down by 10 -15 marks ( for a +3 -1 fromat test)

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well iift 2008 paper had 150 ques and 1/4 negative marking( sectional cut offs as well though no one is sure)

cutoff was around 30 last year

this year with the number of ques reduced to 122 and negative marking increased to 1/3 instead of 1/4 and a sure shot sectional cut off mentioned
i guess over all cut off might come down a bit i mus be some where around 28

mickeymalhotra Says
yes this is the mail that I have received. However according to me all fields have been completed. Moreover they say that the mail is sent to only those who have not entered some information or whose application is incomplete.

well if thats the mail sent no need to worry abu anything i guess u r a time student this mail is sent by time institute jus check the sender address mus be somthing tlik admin or bla bla....time is sending this mail jus to keep u updated with the latest progress
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