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My name is Ramanathan.
I would like some info in the kind of profiles offeres by KPMG at IIMC in operations/finance/consulting etc.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Please let me know if this is the right place to target this query.

Thanks in advance.

ragsjce Says
dude any idea of the wait list movement any hopes

no movement and probably no hopes either..

Called IIMK office on wednesday and they said that there has been no movement so far....the picture of whether any movement will occur will be clear after OBC admissions...and probably latest by 15th June..

just called iimk..they said that there probably will not be any movement in WL...:frown:

Just called up IIM K. And they told that WL is not moved yet. :nervous:
And in case there is any movement they will contact the candidate.
I ask whether it would be call/email/post.
They said which ever is convenient.

i am waiting if i get a call i shall post here...

just curious....but is it still possible to cancel admission?? i am waitlisted at IIMK and would join if cleared... what is the latest date when admission can be cancelled???

I came to know that IIMK gave 783 final calls for 200 odd seats (including 6% reservation for obc)...dont know how much waitlist movement will be there..even i am skeptical at waitlist #1..

whoever created this poll pls change the secind option as it is the same as the first option....

hi, i am actually waitlilsted at iimk...
i am also in the first waitlist at nitie..due to that will i be able to reclaim the dd amount after iimk waitlist movement is announced?? as waitlist candidates usually will have fewer people to replace their seats..

It would depend totally on number of calls given out ...
lets wait and watch ...

when can we know the number of extra calls given out?? it is because i am waitlisted at #1 and dont want to be a victim of what happened last year.. if anyone knows, please post so that i dont have to pay fees at another innsti on 5th of may (little time left):neutral:...

i saw someone waitlisted at that might mean that IIMK has taken care this year....