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Can anyone tell me about AIMCATs this yr !!

When is the first AIMCAT scheduled for ??
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  • Its not over yet... 02 Jun '13.
  • amicat time ryte? if yes, the first one is lready over!1. 02 Jun '13.
Sreekant K @sreekantkkurup 1,311
Its not over yet..
CATAMANIAC MANIA @divya210191 74
amicat time ryte? if yes, the first one is lready over!1

Hey seniors..
Just 1 question..Do i need to pay extra to register via both CAT and XAT ??
I have alredy collected d broucher frm IMS worth 1000...can i click "both CAT and XaT " ??
I am registering right now so kindly respond asap..thnx bro.

Hi Nidhish,

I am in a situation. I had my GD/PI call on 12 FEB for Hyderabad and Nagpur campus on the basis of my CAT Score. I didn't attend that because I was interested in GZB campus and I was under the impression that XAT scores would have a different list all together.

But, now as I see, there is no separate call for XAT. How can IMT accommodate my request to appear for GD/PI process??

Help Required!

I am in the same dillema Seniors...Kindly reply...What if anyone has snapped the interview for Nagpur/Hyderabad to wait for Gaziabad ??
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you will be provided with the link soon to update your XAT score...!!

Refer to the link...Your doubts will be cleared I guess...!!
Bhavik Shah
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Hey Senior..dat was helpful..thnx
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Hey Senior,Just one question...
Do we need to upload our XAT score to be eligible for a call ??
If yes,kindly provide the link to update the XAT score coz i cant find it on the IMT site.

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Can u atleast tell us by what time wud u guys be able to disclose placement related info...jsst an a month or so ???


I quit..not going for interview...
Even approximate placement values wud hve d secrecy creates suspicion..throwing anoder 4000 bucks for going to Mumbai...NoT WORTH.
(ps:this is my personal view..kindly take rational decisions.Best of luck)

Seniors,dis is urgent..
the link for NMAT final result has perhaps been removed from NMIMS site..
i have not copied my interview center...
I had to print PGDM application form,bt now i cant..Plzzz help,dis is urgent coz d last date is 18th..plzzzzzz

vishal das is it true

I got a mail regarding d d website still shows 20th feb as last date !!!

Hey Senior,
I got 85.8 in CAT and 92.5 in XAT..
I prefer to fill the form using XAT score.
Do i stand a chance..??
Another question-Are sectional cutoffs also taken into consideration coz i have barely 63 %ile in Decision Making Section..