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Sorry to repeat my query.
Seniors please explain whether this is correct or not.

I've tried calling SCMHRD, but no one picks up the ph!!!

Any seniors, could you please get this clarified from the admissions team??
It would be of great help.

Hey bits n bytes (nice name )
Only 31k will b deducted for cancellation before the 1st of june.....and 1/6th of the fees+ 31k will b deducted after that....
Only the online module begins on 1st April, the main course starts 1st of June :-P . So, u need to report on campus only on June the 1st.
Hope that answers ur query.

Aditya Arora
wen r v supposed to reach d collg?????
its mentioned on a sheet in d call letter that initially classes r through e-learning.....
does it mean online teaching... n v can b at home :P
please advise asap......
gotta get tickets done fr scmhrd

Hey !
The online module begins on April 1st, but for that u don't need to turn up on campus. It's basically to get some concepts intact before joining MBA. U can very well do it from ur home
U need to report on the campus in the 1st week of June.
Hope that answers ur query ! :cheers:

Aditya Arora
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Hey I Din get a sms but when i looged in using my SID said I'm that okay or i have to check with admissions department????

Seniors please put sum light on this

Hi Gayatri !

This has happened with some of the candidates. So, try contacting the Admissions Committee. If u hv had a convert, which u most probably have had, then offer letter is on ur way ! :cheers:

Aditya Arora
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Hey, Aditya.
Pre-induction course fees are a part of 4.9 lacs (as per the website)

Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)

Hey Rohan !
Pre induction fees= 30K only & it is in addition to the 1st sem fees of 4.9Lacs. That's what the website says as well. :cheers:

Aditya Arora.
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Name:Anjali garg
SNAP score : 111.75
Work ex: Fresher :cheers: :D

Somebody please let me know the fee of the complete two year programme..
(including hostel)

Hi Anjali !

Congrats 4 making it thru :cheers:
The fees for the 1st year is Rs 4.9 Lacs. In addition to it, u shall hv to pay Rs 30,000 (pre induction fess-non refundable)
For the 2nd year, the fees again is Rs 4.9 Lacs.
Hope dat answers ur query. C u on campus.

Aditya Arora
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I am a fresher and this was my first ge/pi experience. Went completely unprepared since i might not take admission this year.

My profile:
10th- 84.6
12th- 81.0
Btech- 5.4 (till 6th sem)

Written essay- A topic on human behaviour was given. It was fortunate for me as i have a very poor GK. Have read a lot on psychology so made some solid points. Thought properly for first 7-8 mins and then wrote around 300 words.

Group discussion- Two case studies were there. Panel consisted of two people, one aged sir and a mam. Both appeared to be very low and uninterested through out the process (dont know if its a trick). People in my group were very uneasy and spoke a lot without proper thinking. Made some 3-4 sensible, solid points ( acc to me). Couldnt make out anything what panel thought, they barely looked up during the process and were busy on their laptops.

Personal interview- Two people were there in panel, an aged sir(AS) and a young sir(YS).

AS- complimented on my snap score and asked if i prepared
me- said no, had mentioned in form too.

AS- asked for my abysmally poor UG score
me- told honestly how i was careless and not interested in my subjects

YS- Why MBA?
me- no other option considering my bad profile. also told why i am not interested in Mtech, civil services.

AS- specialisation?
me- told didnt have any idea of the fields and provided i take admission this year , will go for HR considering my interest in psychology.

AS- asked many questions on my interest in psychology, books i have read on it.
me- answered in detail.

YS- asked me questions on movies and puzzles as i had mentioned them as hobbies.
me- answered few on movies, few i didnt . was asked about taste in cinema, some directors and awards. couldnt answer some typical trivia on russian movies he asked

AS- whats bioinformatics (my specialisation in ug)
me- told little bit that i know

YS- asked what if not selected this year?
me- told i myself have considered that and might take a drop for an year for cat and xat as am confident of cracking.

AS- any other calls
me- told

YS,AS- thanks, over

Was satisfied by PI but not by GD.

Goodness me I have never seen anything similar.
U won't believe I had dis same thing same kinda screwed profile (a bit better dan urs though :-P), I was a fresher, n I came damn unprepared, to add to it even unshaven for my GD/PI.
Result:- I got a convert :cheerio:

PS:- 1) specifically for u:- Hope u get a convert !
2)All others reading this:- Plz dnt come unprepared, unshaven, improperly groomed coz dis is not a ticket to success

Aditya Arora
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Yo !

To be Juniors,

All the very best guys for the GE/PI process beginning tomorrow !

Don't press the panic button. Just sit back n relax, everything shall go fine

CHEERS :cheerio:
C ya on campus tomorrow onwards !

Aditya Arora


Just can't believe my eyes seeing Federer go down in straight sets :oops:

Pehle Wozniacki haar gyee n ab Federer bhi ........

Aditya Arora
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saptarshi_7star Says
Guys can anyone help me on this ? which part/area of the city is most suitable for staying? i just want a relatively cheap accomodation.. and also not too far from SCMHRD... can u plz suggest... any puys from pune/seniors at scmhrd... anyone plz??

Saptarshi & other fellow puys who are coming down for GE/PI process,

C guys pehle to Pune is a tad too expensive, isliye d word CHEAP is a bit out of sorts at this place.
So, a reasonable hotel in the vicinity of the campus is Tamanna as mentioned by someone before. It's just a 5 minutes walk from the campus + the food is also fine with pretty much fine rates as compared to other hotels in Pune.
Just a piece of advice for those coming by flights. U guys if u find any fellow guys travelling to Hinjewadi for GE/PI can pool in a prepaid taxi directly from the airport coz otherwise it wud charge u 500 bucks. Same goes for the Railway Station, since our campus is a bit away from both Railway Station as well as airport.
1 final word, have good bargaining power with auto n taxi guys as PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION in Pune is a bit poor and expensive.

Cheers n all the very best for ur GE/PI. :cheerio:
Cya on Campus :

Aditya Arora
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This may sound like a silly question, but do we have to fill a form for SCMHRD like we have to for SIBM? Am I missing something here? :P
Please help. I have my interview on the 5th.


As of last year we were not required to fill any other form except for the online resume, which u already might hv freezed by now.
Wait for any announcements this yr. Else it shall be the same.
Hope it answers ur query.

Aditya Arora
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