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Hi.. we start on aug 2nd !! that is what i was told.. :)
i am aditi jayaraj from chennai, joining mba oil and gas :)
hope to meet u all soon :)

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i am doing my final yr I.T... no work ex as such!!

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hey hi... to all my future classmates, yes i will be joining oil and gas, cos its the flagship program of upes!! and secondly i understand that the placements this yr have been bad, but their previous records have been good and i just wanto assume for the good that 2 yrs from now also the scenario is going to be good( until and unless the world runs out of oil and gas)
i would be so grateful if one of the localites can let me know when the college will reopen and how good or bad are the hostels for the girls??? or maybe renting an apartment.. and where the hell are the girls???? ???
it would be really nice if they can extend the dates for the payment of the first installment cos i will be studying on loan and its too early by the 20th
fingers crossed...
waiting for a reply

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hey hi...
i was patiently waiting for today, and glad its here..
made it to mba oil and gas at upes!!
waiting to meet all of you.. i already see two of u in the same boat as me... hi
hey aman and jammed4u.. see u there hopefully

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any idea when the results are expected?

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hmmm...results after the 25th of this month..
lets just wait and watch!
besties to all..

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and yeah... for everyone here...
50 oil and gas seats
400 seats overall
800 called for gd/pi

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i m not getting u aditi neways all d best nd ya i m not upset. a little sad due to d poor placement scenario of dis college.. its gud with engineering. dey were saying dnt ask for the packages its quiet low jus go for ur interest..but practically wen we r paying a lot of fee in d clg we expect an average package. 90% of student like me depends on educational loan nd if v r not capable of getting rid of loan within 3-4 years den wen will u get settle?? well i again say dis is my personal opinion. nd ya dey also dont have 100% placement as mentioned by our respected seniors. with such a specific degree it will become hard to find a job for yourself....

well guys all d very best for ur career.

i totally agree with u ankur, i am going to be studying on an educational loan too... but u know what, i have been keeping track of UPES since 2 years now.. and trust me they have a reputation for fat placements.. atleast say 2 years back.. with the recession the reputation has also been hit! if somebody gives u oil and gas or even power...GRAAAAB IT... 2 years from now time is going to change big time my friend...
now the other chiller piller courses that they have started just last year... i can't vouch for that and i guess now can they!
so yeah college ain't bad..
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so y to worry ...u still hav othr chances too if u wanna do ur mba frm i said b4.,logstc is going well here..approx..4-7 lac is the highest package so far by placmnt is going on ....
dnt wry 4 powr and oil & gas..they mite nt b well 4 evryone..espcially 4 grls due to their industr nature.,and frm dis year due to poor placmnt upes career servs people r strict on d profile of studnt tht realy fit 4 d cours and to wich d indstry demand 4 d same..try 4 logstc and enery trading courses first(coz logstc fit in almost evry indstry i.e.,I.T,oil nd gas,aviation,manufactrng,retail etc etc..) and then resort to ur aviation courses aftr dat...
Best of luck !!:cheerio:

@ am@an: Are u trying to keep my morale high???
sweet.. i am sorry was not very active on pagulguy for like a day and a half..cos was "sulking"
my gd was good.. i was the only girl in my lot... and only 2 girls in the entire batch on the 19th of march!
so the guys thought i am lady luck and was made to pick up the chit for the gd.
the first topic was.." how the ads today mould ppl's opinions"
a very nice topic i thought... spoke well.. and since we were allotted 20 mins for gd, they asked us to pick up a second topic, some guy who was not very happy with me picked up this time and the topic was..." attack on north indians at mumbai"... nice again..
next was the extempore.. and my topic was global recession.. i spoke.. then they asked questions.. a lot.. showed them my resume.. and the HR said."i don't wanto ask u anything from ur resume cos u will overwhelm me.. can i ask u something techy since u r an I.T engineer.."
i said, "sure sir, i will try answering to the best of my knowledge"
and the question came..." how do u convert rdbms to dbms??"
i knew the difference.. not how to convert... does anybody know?? i asked my class toppers.. they dint know either..
anyway.. so by the end of the interview.. before i left, i timidly asked.."sir why is it that u prefer mech and chemical engineers to IT/CSC..?".. and pat came the reply..rather the question..." do u know the difference between octane 29 and octane 59..." i saw stars.. blinked..and left!
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tuhina2805 Says
plzzzzzz tell me the format for the resume..........the resume and i am doing my from CS.....but i have given my 1st option as oil and gas and 2nd one as power mgmt........will this prove to be a setback for me? plz reply ASAP

i had mine today!
they are definitely not taking IT/CSC for oil and gas.. and even power..
u will understand during the gd/pi process..
what i would suggest is download a resume template from the net and make one! American Style will be good..
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