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actually i was a little anxious since major us phd programmes want 780+in the gre quants section.. so cud u please suggest some book for quants as i dont want to take a risk with barrons and princeton review alone... moreover i dont find any of the latter 2 suficient....
srikrishnan Says
yes we are listening and u've started off well. i for once havent even started prep seriously. jus solvin a few cat problems for couple of hours a day and started 10 pages in ALL ABOUT WORDS. Also mugged 2 wordlists in Barrons. Thats all i've done.

is anyone listening?????????????:whatthat: :whatthat: :whatthat:

i am doing my masters in economics and plan to apply to us univ for a phd..also takin cat 2005.... i am preparin frm barrons and princetons review.. can anyone help me with more reference esp the books on quants.....:huh:

nice thread... :)
hi to all.. i m aditi in 2nd sem of MA eco frm delhi...plan to take cat this yr ...
with 7 months to go, how to go 'bout quants....(can someone help me on that)....
no work ex,but would be doin my summers at ficci/adb.. wld it be of any help????