i m pretty confused for i shud attempt IRMA or nt.... as i dnt knw abt d job profile they will offer me after the completion of course..... does d job requires interaction id labor n rural people n managing them in far country sides.... it seems itz mainly NGO they deal wid....

can some 1 help telling what job we get after PGDRM n is it safe for gals!

plz help
may i knw..... abt d real placement scene ..... 2day at IIT for management studentz..... i have done my BE n knw hw much iit means on my resume.... but was wondering if it wud be really worth studin MANAGEMENT there!

plz help!
thank q sir..... then i thing will leave my job..... n prepare ......
sir may i knw..... do nmims accepts work-ex less dn a yr.... i m working since may 2009..... so will it be coutable?