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Quant: 3 Correct 5 Wrong = 4 (I joined AIMCAT series from 1212 - I have not started any prep yet - but still my quant is VERY poor)

VA/LR: 13 Correct 7 Wrong = 32 (TIME Software says 29, WTF )

Total 36 :oops:

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Can you tell the difference between historic and historical? When do you use accept and when do you use except? Further and Farther? Sensual and Sensuous? For the last four years the CAT has been testing

@Tanveer: You're one of the few people for whom I eagerly wait to publish their articles. Reading your stuff is always a value addition. Kudos on that brother !

I thought this was the only MICA thread :D
Can you give me the link of that official thread? :biggrin:

whoa whoa whoa DUDE !!
I was hoping MICAT will be in first week of march !!
Please tell if you are 100% certain !


Please find attached with this post an invitation for the "Ahmedabad City Meet" and a route map to reach MICA campus from the city.


Team Interface - MICA,
The Media and PR wing of MICA

hey what is the date for MICAT?

@ Shilpa and Nirvan
Does any of you guys got TISS'09 solutions?

Sorry been busy with final year engineering project and stuff, will be active in couple of days !

cheers guys

Adding to that,
Pyromania - Need of setting things on fire
Megalomania - Compulsive need of doing grandiose things

Thanks for these manias Shilpa !

PS - I have observed that generally in such exams we come across terms like Oligarchy, Monarchy, and all types of Rulers and method of ruling !
As well words like Philatelist (Stamp collector), Numismatist (Coin collector) And such types of words, NOW, these words have a cruicial importance as far as analogies and other questions are concerned !

So All guys, can we search and contribute these sort of words, it will be a lot of use !

Cheers and happy prep !

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Answers to Dose 3

@ Nirvan, Of course not dude, your GK dose would NEVER go wasted :clap: , right shilps?

Cheers, Adi

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Guys please don't make a separate post for THANKING, instead just use the THANK button below :)
No offense meant but it helps ^^
From what I understand, PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. These organizations have contract agreements with the insurance companies.

I think the answer to the second question is NO. Mujhe to lowest sal pe le lein, bas ho jaye MICA mein


PPO = Pre Placement offer