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I could fine mandatory disclosure for 2009-2010

It has the figures for avg salary for 2009 batch.

here it is

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AIMCAT 1104 Qn-

In TIME-KYA Island,there are three types of people working in the 'misadministration' dept-Truth tellers,Alternators and Liars.The following are the stmts made by some of them-

Rama Devi:I didn't post the msg that results will be out by 4pm.
Rama Devi:The results will be out on Sep 12 at 12pm.

Ashish Sinha:Rama is an alternator.
Ashish Sinha:I posted the 4pm msg.

Sanjay Kapoor:Both Ashish and Rama are Liars.
Sanjay Kapoor:The Results will be out today at 6pm.

Qn:When will the results be out?

Results will definitely be out by 12th jan 2011 12PM
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