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Rock music simply... ROCKS!!!

The managers are paid a hefty sum and more than equivalent amount of hard work is extracted from them as well. Life will definitely not be a breeze then, I suppose! But then I am in the same boat as yours so lets wait and find it for ourselves!!!

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deepak_mehla Says
hi ! guys i am looking for solved CAT papers can someone help?

CAT papers have copyright of the IIM's so they cannot be posted on the forum. I have 2005 and 2006 solved papers, if you need them PM me.
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I am an engineering student and my college is at a place where there are no coaching institutes for CAT, not even the quack one. So the only path is taking correspondence coaching. My question should I go for correspondence or take CAT on self study and high hopes? Will a condensed classroom programme towards the end help???


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I think the best option would be a pen drive. They come very cheap these days, so buy a 2GB or 4GB one and transfer away. The basic advantage here is it can be re-used in other circumstances (read lab to personal PC).

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This is the home page of an ex-CAT veteran... Sunil Parmar...

He has posted quite a lot of MBA stuff... Feel free to download it...

The page has files on General Awareness, General Quiz, Geography, Punch lines, XAT, TCY online and other files Reaonsing, Logic, Quant, Full length tests, verbal, RC, and a few softwares....

For ur convenience, the entire material has been zipped into a single zip file... Enjoy!!

More material would be added soon!

Gaurav Mittal

The link dosen't work anymore. Is there an alternative?

And thank you for posting all these great stuff!!!
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When do you think is the best time to start preparing for CAT for an Engineering student???

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Hello everybody!!!

I am Abhishek Dey Das from GIET, Gunupur. I am presently in my 2nd year of BTech with Computer Science. I am terribly interested in giving a serious shot at belling the CAT and hence, am here at PagalGuy to seek advice from all the gurus out there.