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@souren_MBA You need to send a mail to dean academic office abt dual payment... they will only initiate yr transfering of money... but it will take a lot of time..
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Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@abhishek179 Wats yr cat reg no and transaction id??

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@sra1sadu The shortlist will be out in a few days. Till then i advise you to to please wait.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@allwin28 said:
@adam18 i have already send the print form of my appln with my college name not shown fullywill it pose a problem?or i have to mail regarding me seniors
There will be no problem

@glitz913 said:
sure ...will be waiting for your reply @adam18
Update in portal in the application form. You will be asked to bring copies of the form. Make sure its correct while you take print out of the application form.

@anushanadipally said:
@adam18 Even I'm not getting any SUBMIT option in the application form. I even made the payment and sent the form through post.. Will that cause any problem?
Just send the form. I ll confirm it to the admission department.

Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@rgokul said:
If we go to the registration link in Internet Explorer it saysYou could register only with Mozilla or Chrome browserAnd the submit button doesnt appear in both Mozilla & Chrome... What should be done now?
I do not know why aren't you getting the submit button in either of the browsers as many people have filled and submitted the form online. Have you send the form through post?

@anushanadipally said:
@adam18 Sri Anusha NadipallyCAT reg ID: SR8574210Transaction ID: J-6141522 (SBI bank, secunderabad branch)
I will check with department and let you know.

@Theillusionist said:
@adam18 - when can we expect the shortlist ? thanks in advance .
Even we do not have much idea as to when will the shortlist be out. We can expect in another 10-15 days.

@glitz913 said:
By mistake i had filled my graduation percentage as 77 ..and it was 82 .......what should i be do now ?? plz help !!
Let me check with the department and let you know in a day.

@pinaknagaon said:
I have sent my filled up form along with the CAT scorecard on 2nd Feb 2013(through registry post). Will I get an acknoweledgement mail once you have received it ?
There will not be any acknowledgement from the office on receiving the application form.
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Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@gk88 There is a submit button in the end. May be try internet explorer. Send the application along with the cat scorecard to the mentioned address.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT

Hello Puys.

I checked with the department today. The last date to pay fees is over and hereafter no payment will be accepted. If somebody has paid the fees before or on 1 Feb and still has not got the payment confirmed can either mail to the mentioned email id or inbox me your details here so that i can check with the department.

There will be no acknowledgement given by the department on receiving the forms.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@rajivnaspirant Try opening the form in some other browser. You can still submit the form.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@JokarForLife said:
CAT - 88 %ile10th - 84 ( West Bengal State board)12th - 80 (West Bengal State board)Bcom - 62 (Calcutta university)work ex - 28 months (22 in HSBC + 6 in State Bank of Patiala)GENERALWhat are my chances of getting a call??
You have fair chance of getting the call.

@vani.rathnam said:
@adam18 hi..i have completed my application the application summary and print view i found that in few fields ,only half the text i entered is showing up...can i write the remaining info on the printed application and send it to the institute?..pls advice
Yes you can fill it up by pen and send. I advise you to try again for a proper print out and then send.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT
@jagan007 said:
@Sunnym12 will there b any problem if we forgot to send cat score card plz reply fast........
You can send the scorecard separately.

@souren_MBA said:
10th - 93%12th- 96 %colege -- 79 %cat - 86.89 %qa - 68 % and verb-94 %enginering final yr , freshr wat are ma chances for getng shortlisted ??? , outside tamilnadu (pondicherry)
You have fair chances of getting shortlisted.

@priesht said:
I have registered and wud pay money tomorrow because of some online error with my bank account.wud it be a problem as only last three days are remaining.i am desperate for doms NIT T....plz help.
dude the time for submitting online application is already over. I will confirm once if you can still apply or not by tom.
Thanks, Amod Garg Public Relations DoMS NITT