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Hi innocentdevil,

thanks for the info..I think it is 23 of june to be precise ..

could you post the exact contents of the call letter.Hundreds of us are waiting for that info , if that comes early it would really help us all.



yaaron koi bata do ki kab letter aayega aur kab tak hum acceptance bhej sakte hain...1st of may is the last date ..and there is no date for the final offer letter!

Hi All,

I do not know much about all you puys who have all calls or at least 6 but all that I know is I had only one IIM call from Lucknow and I have converted it .

All the best to all

Thanks and Regards,

Hi All,

While looking for something else, I came across this interesting thread.
In fact, I have been looking for something or I wanted to start something similar.

I had 5 calls in this season and am done with all gd/pi , now waiting for results.
My hobbies :
1.Learning Greek and Latin(Vocabulary building,etymology): This is only to say. People or infact professors found it difficult to understand and none asked me anything about it.I am involved in learning stories related to evolution and emergence of "ENGLISH" words.As we all know english is not a languge it is a distillation of many languages. I just sit and read all the works of Norman Lewis, Wilfred Funk and Nurnberg etc etc.
People in my college called me a walking dictionary. I have conducted various workshops on memory techniques and how to remember and retain meanings of more and more english words.This is all about greek and latin roots.All in all, give me a word and I will narrate a story of its origin. Infact it is very interesting but people find it difficult to understand at the very first time.
2.I love to collect neck ties and cuff links:This is another hobby of mine. I have a vast collection of ties from all around the world and almost all big brands.I love to collect designer cuff links.So far, I do not get many opportunities to flaunt them but I will definitely get some opportunities if I get in one of the good b schools

I am looking forward to know more about out of the box hobbies.

Guys go on.

Good luck to all.



Hi All,

I need some urgent information.
I have my interview on 28th morning in IITM and I have an IIM interview on 27th afternoon.

My schedule would be very hectic , I just want to get an idea of time as to how long it will take in a train if I board one on the night of 27th March.
I am seeing the following stations in the railways website, 10 in number.I must know which of them is nearest to IITM and reaching from which one takes least time to the college.

1.Chennai (CEN)

Thanks to all in advance,


Hi Quagmire,

I had recieved an email two days back from Meenakshi on behalf of admission cell.
I was told that my date was 28th March. I replied to her asking for some other date as it is difficult for me to reach Chennai on 28th Morning.

I was told that she would get back to me as but I have not got any response from her(or admission cell) till today.

Could you please get in synch with other people from there and help me ?

Please Pm me if you can and I will pass on the details to you.


Hi All,

I am worried that IITM has not confirmed any date for GD/PI till now. I must be told as early as possible to plan ahead I would have to travel from here and avail office leaves etc. which has become very difficult these days :crazyeye:.
Seniors , please let us know and if possible please put up the dates /venues/time slots etc on the website.



Thanks Shilpa, I think I have got the call

I opened the pdf and could see "congratulations"

Hi All,

I hav no clue as to how can I get to know the Application number. I do know my test registration number but I do not know anything aboit application number.
It is only iitk that has asked to enter application number to check the results.....some1 plzz help me as soon as possible.

While applying for IITM, it was not written in the form to include CAT/JMET score cards, if I remember corectly.There were separate columns for entering the details of JMET and CAT.
I applied to IITM and just mentioned the test registration numbers for JMET and CAT, I also mentioned the AIR for JMET and %tile for CAT but did not include the CAT core card or JMET rank card because I received after the last date for JMET.
Now, I think it would be unfair to reject a candidate if score cards have not been posted.
Seniors/guys/puys , please respond with your thoughts about it.