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a low resolution camera would not let u take sharp pics of landscape type pics ... or the entities at some distance would appear pretty blur ...

2 Megs is pretty ok to start with ... but as such u paying not too much more for a 3 Megs cam ... if you (eddy) not in too much hurry to buy a cam ... wait till nov end, thts thanxgiving time ... u wud get gr8 deals ... cams cheaper with free accessories ...

keep chekin on nd a few other sites ... will let u know when i come across .. dont remember rite now

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siddharth07 Says
I guess exposure missed the best possible quality coz of lack of light... try increasing the shutter speed..might help.. compositions are good..

which pic r u exactly talking abt ?? ...

nd increasing shutter speed means making the shutter close faster ... so tht wud decrease the exposure time ... nd less light ...


well these r frm my latest work


used to collect key-chains when i was bck home ...

got some 110 or so ... but mostly all under rs. 10 ..!! ... developed the hobby when i was a kid .. so budget was a big thing ... so mostly all i hav frm bbay .. used to buy in bulk so tht got them for real cheap !!!


Luckily got the timing ... cliked just in time with the old man just crossing the line ...!!!

Timing was luck .. rest of the credit goes to me ..!!!


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Hey suchit,
i am also on flickr with my humble mobile pics..u can add me and send invitation for group.. i saw ur works and some of them are really cool.. locational advantage.. neways, u can check my works there too and add me on ur list..

gimme ur flickr screen-name ... nd for invitation .. pls PM mr_quipster

Hey ppl...
This is shaping up into an awesome thread...

Although i dun have much knowledge abt the equipement aspect of photography(need all inputs and resources i can lay my hands on from PAGAL folks! )

but if any of u is interested in meeting up with photo shooters frm around teh globe u might try this site from yahoo..


awesome resolution pics with a wide variety of categories..

ciao and kep the info and passion rollin in!

thr hav been quite a few of us who have been using flickr to share our pics ... quite a few who r regularly seen on this thread ... u may pour in ur pics ... nd send in ur flickr id ..

my screen name on flickr is snapShot30 ... v hav a grp running thr ... u can b a member .. PM mr_quipster for the invitiation


first of the pics of the series i m going to shoot "the benches"

tryin to take pictures nd associate a msg/caption with each pic

this is the first pic ... hope to get better with time


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my nickname on flickr is snapShot30... just add me as ur friend ... nd so will I ... so tht v can share our pics ... as such all the pics i hav uploaded are public ... so u would be able to access those using my nickname thr

just let me know ur nickname ... so tht i can access urs


Hi Suchit,

I posted a few pictures on flickr but how do I share the link over here ? How do I go to your pictures ?


hey quiptster nd other photogs

uploaded some more pics on flickr ...

me on vacation rite now ... will get bck home next week .. nd plannin to take on a few assignments ...will upload them on flickr

hey ppl .. just get into our flickr pool so tht v can share our pics n views