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One more question,

Do they give some time (5 mins or so) after the GD before we start writing the summary. (This wud be gud enough time to recollect all points )

And as u said, its PRIMARILY what was discussed but I still feel summary should be what was discussed. Personal opinion..

We were given the summary sheets right after the GD ... so no extra time to recollect the points discussed.

Everyone should have a personal opinion .. thats the beauty :-P
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guys i hv a doubt regarding the SUMMARY we are supposed to write....(i know it might sound silly... but here it goes):

do we have to write only about the discussion that took place in the GD.....mentioning the same points.... in the order in which we proceded in the GD?? In that case, everyone's summary would essentially be the same in different words. Can't we add our own conclusion & stress our own points, which may not have been readily accepted by the group.

Plz reply


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I remember before signaling us to write the summary the Prof had instructed us to

"Write a summary of the discussion. You may primarily want to write the points discussed during the discussion."

I think it makes it clear that we can add few points to summary which were not a part of the discussion .. but primarily we need to write about the discussion on the table ..
n why r u feeling that d panelists wont understand that disadvantage n give some extra credits to d 1st few batches??

obviously, some standardisation will be done.......n we all know that IIMB is good at it......

I guess a better approach cud have been to give a new question everyday (like the one on 20th century personality) ... Why MBA question doesnt make much difference anyways because be it first timer or second, everybdy has the answer well framed in the mind ..

.... Also, I think the SOP that was sent to IIMB has been scanned and it is with the panelists.


must be .. however, I didn't get a wave of it during my interview ..

The panel has the reference letters with them for sure ...
If same questions are getting repeated, then it is a disadvantage for the ppl who attended GD/PIs on first two days.
Also I observed that some ppl had peaceful PIs whereas others are getting grilled on math etc. Don't know on what basis they are selecting candidates.

thats correct mate .. I really dont understand the logic here .. whts the point in making us write the "why mba" answer again? also .. it is definitely a disadvantageous position for ppl who had their GD PI on the first day .. the surprise factor is no more thr for other folks who will be practicing at home writing the answers for last two Qs (20th centuary personality + Why MBA) in shortest possible time ... they will carry a ready made answers and all the facts and logics to support that ...

P2 and P1 ... YOU CAN GO NOW .. THANK U ..

Dear friends
Your views awaited .. thx

I'll appreciate if I can get some feedback on my performance ..

does it look good/bad/Okish/full of goof ups/.... ???

please let me know what is ur take on it .. thanks


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Any other special thing abt u: 'U' comes after 'T'..

Venue : IIMB
Date: March 20th
Time: 2 pm


Topic: The same case study .. on Smoking and its ban in films .. it has already been discussed on this thread ample number of times .. I need not give the same story again.
Number of Ppl present: 9
Time: 20 minutes for discussion + 15 minutes of summary writting along with 2 questions (20th

century personality + Why PGP from IIM B) ...Man it was tough to write 2 pages in 15 minutes... specially when u also need to think along .. i dont know how many ppl wud have been able to answers
all three Qs completely .. for me I started with the summary .. gave sm 6-7 minutes .. was not able to recollect all the points discussed during the GD .. wrote 5-6 lines then switched to other two Qs .. after finishing these Qs jumped back to the summary part .. hardly added 2 more line and ...... TIMES UP .. PLS STOP WRITTING .. I SAID STOP IT ... (it was not directed to me .. but to few ppl who were still writing .. I could write only 6-7 lines out of 10 line space in summery)

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: not a healthy discussion to say the least .. there were points poping up from all the ppl .. but the flow was missing .. as if nobdy cared what was the point being discussed .. folks just jumped into the discussion with desperation with the conjuctions like "To add to your point .. BLAH BLAH (now this BLAH BLAH doesnt hav any co-relation with the point on the table)" ... anyways .. this can be understood .. whn thr are only 15 mins to discuss and 9 ppl r there .. fighting for the air time which is little less then 2 mins per soul .. and tht too among ppl who dont mind going beyond the 2 minutes time space share of them (ideally)

Funniest part of GD ... .. smbdy came up with a point with an example of a recent movie .. this guy was not sure about the mavie name .. so he said "there was one movie released recently having John Abraham as the hero .. i dont remember whts the name " and BANG BANG ... all nine ppl shouted simultaneously ...... "NO SMOKING" ... LOL

Panel Members Intro: Shankar Venkatagiri (P1)

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

One more Prof (P2).. dont remember his name .. cudnt find him on iim website either ..

P1, P2, Moi


P1 : please have a seat ..
P2: Give me that file in ur hand .. (moi handed over)
P1: so mahatma gandhi .. ur coaching institute people told you that Gandhi was a nice guy ?? (I had written Gandhi in my answer for 20th century personality).
Moi: No sir .. I have read about him. He was a man of principles.
P1: Where did u read? Have you read him?
Moi: (me confused whether Gandhi had written a autobiography) .. I read through internet .. thru' wikipedia and other sources ..

P1: oh ok .. so you find so many information from internet ..
Moi: Yes sir ..

P1: Ok .. so tell me why do you think Gandhi was the man of century.
Moi: Sir, Gandhi showed the world the power of truth and non-voilence .. He was an idealistic leader .. For him, means were more important rather than the end result ..

P1: oh is it .. why do u say so ..
Moi: I have read about the kakori incedent .. it was during the quit india movement .. some of the

supporters of gandhi looted a train .. when Gandhi came to know about it he immediately withdraw the "Quit India Movement" ... he was a man with ideals and convictions .. and he dint compromise on that


P1: hmm . but Gandhi did not have good relationship with his sons .. why was that?
Moi: Sir .. im dont have much knowledge on that .. I just know that he was not in good terms with his sons .. it might be because of difference in openions .. but im not sure on that ..

P1: but if there was a difference .. does it mean that a son should not respect his father ..
moi: Sir .. a difference in openion does not imply that there is no respect ..

P1: but still .. they were not in good terms ..
Moi : Sir .. I dont have much information on that .. (P1 wanted my general openion or my thoughts on gandhi's case ?? )

(P2 is engrossed in my document file .. I am wondering what is he looking at so closely .. my grades ??? ...:( )

P1: So .. Why do u want to do MBA .. ?
Moi: for knowledge .. because I want to learn ..

P1: (P1 cuts me short) but you can learn frm outside as well ..
Moi: I believe an MBA will improve my situational analysis .. which will in turn add value to my solution on business problems .. .. I have realised that I have an entrepreneur mindset .. I want to start off something of my own ..

P1: When do u want to start that ..??
Moi : Now

P1: Now??
Moi: yes sir ...

P1: then probabely MBA is not a right choice for you .. out of 250 ppl here only 2 start smthing of their own .. and those two also give up after one year ,..,

Moi: Sir .. not everybdy can become successful entrepreneur .. it needs certain qualities ..

(P1 cut shorts ..)

P1: what is that SOMETHING that you want to start?
Moi: I want to start a IT services company ..

P1: And what will this company do?
Moi: Sir .. This is going to be in ERP domain .. proving ERP solutions to SMEs. There is a huge potential in this area ..

P1: hmm .. SME .. ERP .. ok .. lets take an example .. how much will it cost for an SME to have erp implemented?
Moi: Sir .. first of all, the SME needs to buy ERP package from the product company .. like SAP AG

provides SAP package .. a standard package costs arnd 80-90 lacs for 100 user licenses .. however receltly all big ERP product companies including SAP have come up with a cheaper solution for SME segment .. it will cost around 25-30 lacs to get the package ...

P1: No No .. Im talking about the implementation cost.. product cost is fine ..
Moi: Sir .. do u mean the cost of implementation partner?
P1: Yes
Moi: Sir .. again tht cost depends on the SME size .. i mean number of operating location in the country .. the scope of business processes .. the scale of operations it has and also on the sap module it decides to implement also depends in the longetivity of the proj .. say 6 months to one year .. etc ..

P1 : No No .. give me the exact cost .. u can assume anything .. tell me how much wud be the cost for implementation ?? lets say the sme has 10 locations .. and the proj is going to b 6-12 moinths .. and 30 consultants working .. give me the number ..
Moi: Sir .. (lil head scratching) in that case it will be approximately 40-50 lacs ..

P1: What !!! 40-50 lacs !! .. 30 consulatants working .. and ur company will charge 40-50 lacs ..

that means 4 lacs per consultant .. do u think you will find any consultant like that .. (I dont know how did he come up with 4 lacs figure .. but he did some real time calculation in front of me .. i cudnt catch all tht .. )

Moi : Sir .. its the project cost .. not per consultant cost .. these consultants might me working on some other projects as well .. we can not say that my company will be getting 4 lacs per consultant from the SME ..

P1: Im not convinced .. 30 consultants .. 4 lacs per consultant .. 6 months .. dont u think the cost will go up on the lines on 70-80 lacs ..

MOi: Sir I dont think so ..

P1: So you will be working with CHEAP people .. also .. what do u mean by SME?

Moi : Sir .. for SSI (Small Scale Industry) the turnover is less than 5 crores .. and for medium size ..

(p1 cut shorts )

P1: SO .. 5 crore turn over .. lets say 1 crore profit .. and the company is goint to put 1 crore in the SAP impli ..

Moi : Sir .. this may not be the exact cost .... but one very important point i want to make here is that .. this is not the cost but the investment for the SMEs .. the befits of this long term investment will come back to the SME in subsequent years ..

P1 : thts fine .. but im still not convinced if it the SME will be interested in this investment ..
Moi: sir .. SME needs to understand tht .. it is not a simple software tht SME is buying and putting in to automate few task .. its a business software solution which is going to change the way the company works ..

(MOI wanted to put sm other points on this .. but got cut short by P2 .. ohh sigh of relief ..


(P2 POPs up .. POPPPPP)

P2: u work with IndianOil??

Moi : Sir .. I worked with Indian oil for 3 years .. now im working with Accenture ..

P2: SInce how long r u with Accenture .. ?
MOi: sir .. 1 year and 4 months .

p2: but i cant see any reference letter from accenture .. why is it so ?
Moi : Sir .. I have got a reference letter from british petroleum ..

p2: BP ??? accenture ??
MOi: In accenture .. I work for client BP .

p2: (P2 doesnt not understand)
Moi: Sir .. In accenture .. there are many clients we serve .. I am on a project for our client BP


P2: so wht is ur work ..
MOi : (i cud not hear wht he said .. so i ased him to repeat the Q)

P2: so wht is ur work ..
moi: this proj is for sap enhancement and support to BP ..

again cut short ..

P2: I dint ask about the project ... what is ur work there .. ???

Moi: Im sorry .. i cudnt listen to tht properly earlier .. I work in SAP sales and distribution area .. I am involved in several enhancement projects ..

(P2 again cuts short ..)

P2: so accenture does not cater to SMEs ..
Moi : sir .. accnture targets the big companies .. 91 out of fortune 100 companies are in accenture portfolio .. similary we serve 80% of fortune 500 companies .. I am not aware if accenture is extending its services to any of the SME ..

P2: and in India ??
Moi: Accenture provides consultancy services to companies like HPCL .. BPCL .. thst wht i am aware of .. i m not sure if accenture serve any SME in US ..

P2: so who provides services to smes in india . ???
moi: Companies like infosys and SAtyam have already started tapping up this market in india .. they are coming in a big way ..

p2: Infosys !!!! Satyam !!! r u sure they are into this ..
moi: YES SIRRR (im pretty confident on tht)

P2: I dont think so .. name any sme .. for which infosys has implemented SAP ..

MOi: (Thinking) .. umm ...

P2: ok .. leave it .. thts ok ..

now comes P1:

so what else do u do ???

Moi: Sir I am associated with Art of living ..

(both p1 and p2 look impressed and give sm strange looks .. i got the indications tht smthing bad is coming .. )

P2: oh so u mean only people with Art of Living know Art of living ..
Moi: No sir .. its not like that .. but once ppl do that course they feel a difference in their life ..

(P1 .. P2 .. still waiting for more)

Moi : I am associated with Youth wing of Art of Living .. we organise courses . give intro talkes at different colleges .. art of living has got wide varienty of courses for all age groups and for all walks of society ... it has corporate courses .. courses for young generation .. for prisoners ..

(cut short) ..

P2 : what is the cost for these courese ?
Moi: it depends in in which city it is being conducted .. in city like bangalore it will cost Rs. 1000 /- bacause the cost of organising the course is higher here ..

p2: hmmm

MOi : "Sudarshan Kriya" is the corner stone of all these courses .. it is basically a rhythmic breathing technique which releases all the stress accumulated and brings mind to the present moment

completely ..

P2: who invented it ..
Moi: Sri Sri RaviSankar ..

P2: but it was already there in the vedic literature and scriptures ..
Moi: Yes sir it was .. and Sri Sri brought it to the world ..

P2: (laughing and looking at p1 first and then to me .. ) .. then why invented ??? this is the biggest bluff goint around now a days .
Moi: Sir, I don't think so .. I am not concerned if it is a bluff or not .. as far as it is transforming millions of lives ..

P2 and P1 ... YOU CAN GO NOW .. THANK U ..

Dear friends
Your views awaited .. thx

Venue : Coffee Board,Bangalore
Date : today
Reporting time : 9:30 a.m.

The profs were quite cool and amiable and did whatever they could to ensure transparency in the process. FYI the essay writing section has been scrapped.
We were divided in 3 groups of around 10 ppl each

GD Topic : Changes in investment choices (or sth like this) of the Indian middle class
2 mins each for us to air our views and around 20 mins to discuss .....The GD turned into a fishmarket at times and there were a lot of us trying to make our point heard..not a good performance imho....the profs then asked us to summarize the discussion in 30 secs each but this was not done for the other 2 groups.

Why MBA..
Some more questions from the cv and what I expect
Which movie have you watched of late?
What makes it special?
What makes the character special?
Do you think you have that quality? Substantiate?
Ok thank you . Wish you all the best

barely lasted 8 minutes!!!!:sleepy:

not keeping any expectations as the junta was top notch and the competition is going to be very stiff so just hoping for the best and prepared for the worst...out of the few people I met 4 had all 6 IIM calls...Am quite happy though that one PI is done and I can relax a bit..All the very best for the upcoming GD PI's

Hi .. all the best for the convert .. ur interview looks decent ...

can you pls guide us how to reach coffee board ... thanks
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just called up iift office in delhi and came to know tht v just need to carry the xerox copy of CV form alongwith .. thts it.

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Puys ...

I just came to know about this opportunity through my friends .. It might be in the interest of all of us .. so sharing it here ..

Mathemagic session conducted by Bawa.
Bawa is a renounded Mathematics wiz from IIT Bombay .. He is also a full time Art of Living teacher .. He conductes such sessions accross the world .. He has represented AOL youth forum at United Nations .......
Dont miss this opportunity to look at maths as you have never seen before ..
Details ..
Where ???
Seminar Hall
University of Visveswarayya College
Near Vidhan Sauda
When ??
January 21st, 2008 at 6:30-8:30 PM (thats today !!!)
u can PM me if you have any query .. Registration ON the SPOT possible.

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when is the first gdpi happening for iimB?

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