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Hi Prasanna,

Thanks a lot for your suggestion..
I was wondering, what made you take GMAT/MBA. You mentioned that you already have a MBA degree to your name. Are you targeting Asia Pacific ya American colleges?
One of my colleague is from ISB, and he was mentioning that you have hard sell yourself for your second MBA. Anyway, best of Luck for your prep..
Stay Connected..

I completely agree wit Honcho views on GMAT Prep institute.. I did some background research on all the top insti Manhattan, Princeton Review and another local one.. my feeling was that they mayn't be able to add great value but they may help in human networking and to keep you agile for the Prep.
I decided not to go for any of them (thats my personal view). You contact me, if you guys need any material as i have good collections...:-)

Keep connecting, Cheers!!

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Hi All,

I plan to take GMAT this July (2010). I am currently working in a Consulting Firm as a research analyst. I have 4 years of experience in areas related to Corporate finance. Lets share ideas and best practices in this thread to help ace the exam..