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did some one say old warhorse ..moi too back after a loooooooooooooooooooooong period of absence.
Great work with the E-mag guys...something our batch talked /discussed/brain stromed about , but was never able to implement..kudos to the batch of 08' for this initiative.
And guys keep this thread alive... i shall keeping bumping in once in a while to shower my 2p's for whatever they are worth .

gaurav sahai

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Papa ShangO Says
@seniors...ne idea if in the current batch delhi ppl have been allotted rooms???and with the HR batch scheduled to commence...does tht make thngs tougher fr delhiites who want rooms??

well none of the delhites in our batch have been alloted a hostel...so the chances of delhiets frm ur batch getng a hostel is really bleak.
you'll have to wait for atleast a month or two to get a clearer picture...be in touch with the hostel authorities once the college starts.

Hey guys, I've just recieved the hostel allotment letter. It states that we've got to make a payment of Rs.37000 (35000+ 2000 for a mattress???!!!).
It also states that we've got to get our own bed-sheets, pillowcases, towels etc. Now what are they charging Rs.35000 a year for if they can't give us these basic things??? i was pretty bugged at reading that.
Plus they've mentioned tht last years food cost was 1710 pm & 1810 pm for veg & non-veg respectively. but wht would this year's cost be, and going by the same trend would they ask us to bring our own plates, spoons, forks too???

well dude...don't know if u have lived in a hostel before ..cos the things u've mentioned are never provided...in case they were in ur hostel..all i can say is that u have been lucky.
anyways even im a bit dazed by that 2k figure for mattress....


Thnx a lot ppl...its just grt receiving all those wonderful wishes..my best wishes with all of u too.


PS: oye zany zango im at IMI...one yr down..one left

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@seniors.. Couple of questions for you guys

How long does the college computer lab stay open till?

Do the classrooms have computers..and Do they have internet facilities..(e.g. If we want to download our presentations of something)...Also..Arte They Configured For pen Drives...

Comp lab timing 9am to 11pm,there is a comp with internet facility along with a LCD projector in each clasroom. and the comps are pen drive enabled.

and thanks guys for the bday wishes...

Shivanku,Nikhil and Nilesh -gr8 yaar! I am thinking of a tamatar pheko club as soon as u start the Dramatics club!And I will be the sole properieter of the tomatoes.Good busines idea,no? On a serious note,it's good that u ppl arew thinking of new activities on the campus.And shivanku it's really good see to see such a philanthropist(hope i got the spelling rite) in our batch.

Gaurav bhai - kyu bacche ko dara rahe ho??:-(Waise if u decide to make us enact Papi chudail in amphi@11 , i want to be in the scene whr the chudail seduces a stranger(and of course i want to play the role of the stranger)

By the way ppl what about hostel letters ?

The hostel rooms for our batch have been freezed..so i guess u guys shud be receiving ur hostel letters in a weeks time.
On the trainig front ,have entered the final part of my training...another 15 days in hyderababd and then back to delhi.got to start working on the report in a few days time .


PS:manish point taken...just remember that it was you who asked for it
hey everybody...

great news, just got to know i made it to IMI,
so guess i'm gonna be joinin u guys soon...
sent the DD and just got home...



hey dude..congrats...so now u can proudly say the wait was worth the effort.

back to my assigned role here i.e. to answer queries..non-veg is served three days a week in dinner (mon,wed,sat)..in case u want to hav it on all the days (in dinner ) u'd have to pay an xtra amt of 150/- pm (this amt might change though ,so take it as a approx. figure)

nidz Says
@ seniors...another query coming ur way!

and i was hoping u guys had exhausted ur stock of Qns

do we have a resident doctor on campus? n theres a chemist nearby?

well forget a chemist,theirs a hospital just in front on the Hostel.....though i may add here that its more in the hotel mould than a hospital.
Resident Doctor..now this has left me stumped..no idea..guess never felt the need for it.

hello seniors (abradigitator n crazynaval),

good work being continued by u all following the footsteps of saikat n anurag.

i have been offered pgphrm course in imi in the list that came out recently. i have ertain queries regarding the same -

1. how many ppl in ur batch and the 06 batch opted hr as their specialisation?
2. how were the placements (final n summer) for hr students this yr? wat is the approximate avg sal this for hr specialisation? wat r the profiles that hr specialisation attracted?
3. will hr as a specialisation continue to exist in pgp now, since they r having a special 2 yr course in hr?
4. since imi came up with the pgp list almost 2 months back, can the pgphrm students expect to get hostel accomodation now? had read earlier that there were more rooms being constructed, has the construction finished?
5. does imi have any tie up with banks for educational loans? how much help can we expect from the institute regarding the same?
6. the ppl who had their pgphrm interviews in delhi recently have informed that the course will start only if they get 60 students for it, but nothing of this sort is mentioned in the offer letter. if i do take up admission in imi, then i will have to cancel my candidature in xime to get a refund in fees. but, the if imi later decides not to introduce its course, i will be left with nowhere to go. therefore cud u pls claify this thing from the admin office?

thanx in advance. i hope u understand my dilemma.


hey deepak hav sent u a PM..chk it and let meknw if you hav any more queries.


have a rocking day...btw u owe me a lot of parties..add another one to the list

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