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Hi, Let me illustriate my background, CLass X:-70%(ICSE Board) Class XII-66%(Best of four,ISC board) Graduation-(BCA)-6.73 GPA AGE:-turned 24 very recently Went to IIRM(Institute of Insurance and Risk Management) for a course PG program-scored 75%(Course Sent by ICICI for their company spec...
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hey can you throw some light on IIRM. like is it a good college to enter the insurance industry? I am currently pursuing my actuaries from IAI right now but owing to my engg background its making me difficult to find breakthroughs. So how good is it as a college espcially since it has only 1 year courses. Mail me @ abjiskumar4gmail.com

for a frank opinion.

@[588776:dhavalnaik007] Hey Abhi here. I just finished with an interview at FAG. They said they will either place me at INA or FAG. I will be inducted as a GET hence can u tell me when will i approximately get a call for joining? and what is the approximate pay. Hoping for your sincere thoughts. Thanks

Can anyone guide me as to how I can get my ACET application form, since I had applied online ie. I had filled the applied online which means how can i have the application form? Kindly help. It's holding up my membership process. Even ACET ppl are not replying properly.

And can anyone give tell me if we need to give all the 24 listed papers or are there any options, combinations or sequence for giving them? Can i have someone contact to give me a correct guidance for the same?

@[575984:rebornNINJA] - Exam diet?

Guys, can someone plz tell me how to submit the application form for becoming a member? I mean we applied online rgt?

Cleared....Checked through mobile. It's easier through that...


Anyone got their results?

Patience buddies!