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As the IIMs waitlist starts clearing, we will hear better news. A few updates not concerning us directly but indirectly -

IIM K - They are saying no waitlist !!! Seats are full as of now.
IIM I - Expecting a long waitlist.
IIM L - Waitlist till 25 clear.
IIM A - Waitlist # 30 cleared.
FMS - waitlist # 4 cleared. This figure is astonishing. The FMS ppl have told the next waitlist is out on 21 May.

As long as ppl in the waitlist of other institutes dont get a confirmed offer, they wont withdraw. Also, the waitlist movement will happen till June 20th. So, there is a plenty of time left for upgradations / clearance for kolkata.

Last year, from the "respite to the waitlisters" thread i can make out that the waitlist movement was very intensive during the first week of june period.

So, keep hopes high.


A small update IIMI waitlist got cleared by 20 only. wl1 to wl20 were given admissions according to the pagalguy thread.

One more person who paid fees for IIFT D is leaving for MDI. He got confirmation only 2 days back.

I got tru IITM but i am not taking it up. Hope this info is helpful for waitlisted ppl.ATB

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Hey all this is the 1000th post. Great activity in the group guys. ATB to all waitlisters hope the waitlist moves fast and most of u get tru.

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Name-- Sankalp Chaturevdi

Jmet rank--2
cat percentile-96.02
WAITING for results- jbims
x -77
xii -79
workex--I-Flex solutions(21months).

Well i am in a dilemna of joining iift or iitb.Was my first go at CAT though.Need ur valuable feedbacks.

If u r getting a upgrade to IIFT Delhi then u have to think cos both are equally good in their respective domains.
else IIT B is much better than iift Kolkata.
This is the feed back i got from various ppl like my Times faculty etc.
I got tru IIFT Delhi and i am taking it up.
This is my personnel opinion. I feel IIT B wins over IIFT Kolkata.

I got a rank of 286 in Jmet
Converted IIT-d , IIT-M and IIT Kgp(wl)
Going to IIFT -Delhi
ATB to all IITians u ppl are branded for life...
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manishkbhaskar Says
can any one plz add the info about iit madras

iit madras gave around 100 confirmed calls. Source : a google spread sheet on net.
i also got a confirmed call for the course and i am not joining it.

btw IIM I gave 670+ final calls and around 700+ waiting list.
PS: My friends waiting list no is 676
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Hi all,
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gone case

moreover i am concerned as to why the information sent thru mail is so brief and diplomatic

while when we talk on thephone
the situation and news is altogethr different!

IIFTmust admit that it has been not at all transparent with the admission procedure!

Best Regards!!

This is the time when fast movement of seats will be happening. i.e ppl who got tru IIMs rejecting MDI, SPJain etc and their respective waiting lists being cleared,,, During this phase no Admission officer will be clear regarding the current and future position i.e upto what extent the waiting list gets cleared.
Clearer picture will emerge in nxt few days. Lets hope that Max ppl get what they want.

Mail Mr. mago or call him up. The cell no would be there in the offer mail he has sent to you.

@junoonMBA and @Vipul

Thanks for the update.I have been selected to Delhi campus it means that I am not confirmed of my seat in Delhi as of now?? Its kind of wierd. Is there a chance that i will again be given Kolkata campus after paying fees and all???


Hi ppl ,
One of my friend told me that the seats in Delhi and kolkata have been increased to 150 and 120 respectively. It made sense because assume of this situation where no one rejects then will they be rejecting the last 90 ppl whoose names have been published as selected... so i guess the 275 ppl whoose names have been published as selected will get admissions i.e that many seats will be there(OBC seats based on SC developments) depending on the no of ppl who leaves they will have the waiting list ppl accomodated.