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I am no role model here.

I didn't aspire for an IIM in the first place.

I didn't take mocks seriously. I never joined classes.

I never made 90+ in any of my mocks or CATs

I am no ST,SC, OBC, XBC, NBC

I was a MICA fanatic but never made a cut...

Still I made into IIM..heres how

For my family education is everything, I topped my Xth, XIIth, top 10 in BITS Pilani Mech, got into Mahindra Engines Development.
But my passion lay in product marketing

Every year I applied for dept change and turned down coz I didnt have an MBA

I applied for all best for Mkting schools in the country, didn't aimless apply to all colleges. Everyone told me that was a bad idea, I stood by my logic.

Year after yr, CAT was no where near what i wanted and I was lazy to prepare. I started developing my own marketing skills, there was one point where top bosses in PD asked for my opinions on marketing and stuff..

I got into a very tight project and i had no time to prepare for CAT 09. A new franchise of CL was opened in Nasik. I negotiated and got the package at 500/- only. It was just the online package, I had no peers to study with. I thought i needed flexibility and freedom in my preps. So i convinced my boss to give me a laptop, pre-emptively applied for BSNL wireless internet (2months waiting) and found a govt library to study.

Never did I get 90+ in any mocks and I thought if i get 85 odd in mocks i would clear the MICA cutoff of 90 in actual CAT. Luckily this year MICA scrapped CAT criteria and I didn't bother about my CAT results.

My CAT was also a disaster, it was postponed without my knowledge. Screens went blank many times. Didnt get a second chance after many follow-ups with prometric. Then I left it as MICA scrapped the criteria.

A day before MICAT, I went MICA and saw seniors and got the feel of the campus. After MICAT somehow the feeling was not there and I was very worried. Then MICA shortlist came and my name was not there and felt so dejected.

I always wanted to go alone on an India tour and the time came for that. We launched a new product and someone from our team reqd to travel the country for feedback. I volunteered and had the time of my life. Went to most parts of the country, stayed with strangers, learnt local customs..from deserts to himalayas..godavari to ganga I covered in a month...

While I was in Lucknow I got a mail telling I was shortlisted for IIM Indore PGP GD/PI. I passed it off as one of the phishing mail stuff and fwded it to my friend to confirm the authenticity. Later I found out the criteria for IIM indore was heavily based on work ex and past acads which I already have.

With my disbelief I approached my UG batchmates who are at IIMs and they helped me filling the form at the last moment. I traveled 200 Kms just for one GD and one PI session from TIME Dadar. Made lot of friends there.

The mock PI panelist coincidentally happened to be my friend and I told her I am not taking mock PI, instead I ll sit through all PIs u are going to take for the day. She agreed and I found a pattern of all answers people prepared for and now I was sure of what not to tell.

Then I camped with my college friends passed out from XL, they advised me only one thing, the "Tell me about yurself" question is the make or break question and asked me to master. I rehearsed the crucial points I thought was unique about me. I didnt bother about womens reservation blah blah, IPL etc etc...my only goal was I should be clear about me and my goals, if that is done everything else can be managed.

My PI was more like M.Tech Automobile than MBA, the panel knew so much on engines which even I didnt know. I was able to answer most of them. I didnt know how to react after the interview. Then I said to myself I had a different workex, my acads are good, I didnt mess the interview...so I was little confident...

All I realised in this journey was

1. Attitude comes first, knowledge 2nd.
2. See the bigger picture, the smaller ones will fall in place.

My attitude went into a transformation after my India trip. Met the rich, the poor, the shoe lickers, the genuine entrepreneurs etc. I learnt from each one of them,. This place is amazing and it taught me life.

Here I am now, waiting to join IIM..... the 90 percentiler who made it into the IIM...or rather...the guy who prepared for MICA and got into an IIM

I am a very lazy person so I focussed on only what mattered to me. The only take away for you is

ATTITUDE towards CAT and life...

I have seen many people who has put their jobs on jeopardy for CAT...I would advise that CAT is a very small thing in this life and just give sufficient importance before exam. That will do.

See beyond CAT and college. See also how you can support your family, are you ok to pay your loans and high rent in mumbai or delhi (where normal MBA grads go), are you joining just for the sake of joining or really the college will lead you to ur goals...

Packages will come and go. But your plan should be package-proof. If you want to be IT consultant, go ahead do whatever you want to be the master...packages will chase you...it is YOU that matters finally...not the college, not the package, not the blackstones or BCG's...

"In the blink of an eye, you ll finally see the light" - Aerosmith's 'Amazin'

rajmech.kumar Says
Too good man.You got the call at 90%ile in general.Right?

yea...90.4, with sectionals above 85...and converted...my UG and workex saved..

phew...converted the lone call...

bornspektator Says
Are there any guys out there from Commerce background or anything except Engineers.. Ain't much help for me ... except the topics for the Essays ..

ok dude, main thing here is not whether u are right or wrong..its all about wats ur approach to a problem..how well u argue..so it is irrelevant wat is ones background

pour through recent news..and while writing have a stand and support with examples..

ok guys the following things are very important
1. Get your form ready, I didnt have the form till the night before. If I hadnt rushed that night I wouldnt have sat for the PI
2. Affidavit is equally important, one needs to submit before essay
3. Arrange your top 5 extracurrix in the file. They are looking at all aspects of ones personality and for some they are quantifying it too !!!

Other opinion from my side, for IT and electronics guys be prepared on all fronts (projects, current affairs, interests etc), for non-IT/EE guys work-ex based is mostly asked.

There is a SIMPLE psychometric section, dont worry about that only 2 columns to be filled and can be done in 5 mins.

So far there have been no stress interviews and nothing can be extrapolated.



X - 90.5
XII - 97.8
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 8.54/10 (BITS, Pilani)

NIL/Sector - Number of Years
3.5+ , Automobile

CAT Score:
90. 95 (yes, u saw it right...and general category)
Case Study/Essay: Same as others

Number of Ppl present - 3 groups with 10 people
Time: 30 mins
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: 20 mins for essay - finished it in 18 (dont think too much, just go ahead and write), 10 mins - pyschometry

venue: Mumbai Catering College, 9am
We were waiting for a long time after completing essay and I was called in at 12 noon for the interview

They were very keen on the form for others, especially if u belong to IT, EEE, E&C; please look into college projects and essay related questions.

One tip: I wrote down lot of things in my essay and had plenty time, so i came back used gprs in mobile to read terms i had just written about :P

As soon as I entered they told me I was the first mech guy to be interviewed for the day and take your seat

P1 (on left), P2 (on right)
P1: Ur form's print clarity is very bad I cannot make out what is written there
Me: Xerox machine failure and I had to use my camera to use it like a scanner
P2: Good use of technology, btw did u go for any coaching classes
Me: No sir, there are very less facilities in Nasik
P2: Facilities can be got anywhere these days, acha you actually studied in chennai.and which part
Me: Yes sir, I am currently living in xyz part of chennai
P2: Tell me about Xyz
Me: (told)
P1: So you belong to automobiles of tractor segment
Me: Automobiles
P1: So which product - A,B,C
Me: I was working in A and currently in a product called D
P1: Yes, I heard recently, Ok what engine has it got
Me: 900 cc diesel
P2: What is firing order ??????????
Me: (oops technical stuff starts, where are those traditional questions)...told them
P1: Suppose the engine revvs at 8000 rpm what difference it makes
Me: Tried to tell, but he gave an hint and i developed that
from there they asked me all possible theoretical and practical aspects of an engine
and nothing more they asked me

There was no questions on my past, present or future...no questions on my essay...no questions on mba plans etc etc...so guys be prepared..

What I had done is, apart from my certificates, I had put the map of my travels, my support for girl child and her photo and background, my other interests with a small sticky note...

This gave them quick synopsis of the file without asking me any questions.

Fingers crossed. Only one call..need to convert..


Hello seniors/mentors,

Are you guys sure its only Essay or coupled with GD, IIM K has essay plus GD...please clarify??

Hello seniors/mentors,

Are you guys sure its only Essay or coupled with GD, IIM K has essay plus GD...please clarify??

Gaurav Hans Says
Don't we need address proof coz we hav to write down the address in affidavit..

Naah :cheerio:, Anywayz I carried a BSNL bill just as a backup. I would say they are least bothered. (atleast here)

Hey puys,

Got my notary in 30 mins. I just went to the nearby court and asked an arbit lawyer about the procedure.
1. Stood in the queue and got a 100/- non-judicial stamp paper
2. Went to a typist and gave the printout of the specimen copy sent by Indore and asked him to type.
3. I told him the purpose, he went and gave it some person and in 10 mins, it was all signed and sealed
4. Gave him 150/-

Total time 30 Mins.
Things to take: 1 photo, copy of letter sent by IIM