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Friend I gave gmat in aug2010 by reading kaplan/princeton/gmat official guide.
this was in year 2010, I am planning to write again.. what is the latest trend ..what books are good or just gmat official guide will be enough ..

please suggest.

What kind of MBA it provides?? General/Finance/Marketing..
My BE percentage is very low 64,first class as per my univ.
also after 12th I has a 2yrs gap, as i tried for IIT(as I am a bihari)...
currenty in IT, planning to apply for next academic year.
does these thing will come in factor..
are u people having a solid profile..


Good,, I am in India and if I go to USA/UK for MBA, cant I take loan from indaian banks,, icici/sbi/hdfc...
And u said about loans from US bank , are their branches in India??
How to go about taking in thisloan from US bank being in India?
Also does bschool help us in this regards??
How much time it will take to get the loan sanctiones.. also does it include accomodation/fooding/entertainment/miscallenious or just only tution??

Hi all,
typically how much it will cost for Hult Mba?

Does anyone know about Durham business school at Durham.
The school is placed at 74th position in FT, also it claimes to be better tha Oxford and cambridge in some respects.

@ Jayvin,

Thanks for sharing ur knowledge, Its really helpful.
would like to be in touch with u.


Durham business school has a FT ranking of 74.. what u have to say about this school? Would u like to go there?


Well Jayvin we alll get knowledge of B schools abroad or in our country through our friends or their friends.. And you dont talk about Ranking stuff even ****(Indian ) is ranked very good and above some IIMs, so will u go there??? My facts are authenticated by my frd or their frds

I dont have any personal gurdge against this school.
And talking from Indian perrspective, I have raised questions about placement, which is abysmaly low there.
We go to schools with good placement.
And its really not fair to compare MIT(boston) with Hult.

My frds are their and they are enrolling themselves at some outside placement consultancy to find job.
No Lib , no permanent faculty, no hostel.. is this a MBA life u will except.
MBA,we do once in our life time, it not only about studies but a a collective exp of lot other things also.
Hult has entered FT ranking last year or last to last year only--FYI.

Anyhow I am not discouraging u. I am putting my facts which are quite true.


550 is too low.. anyhow no idea about pharmacy field, I mean whats score the colleges require, but Ficher is s good one, so chances are bleak there.

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Congrats all!!!
On what basis they are taking man!!!
I am having 3.6 yrs in IT, top tier company.
No exam taken yet!!
But preparing for GMAT this June.

Plz suggest me some suggession..

I want to see u at Durhan.. what I need to do.

Regards and Respects