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calling all seniors!!!I seem to have got something wrong---I was told that the rems would start on 16 and I would be rquired to report on 15.It seems that the earlier date of 12 still remains or has it been revised??
please respond as soon as possible.

Just proceed according to what is mentioned in the letter u have got from IIML admin.In case u have any doubts, just ring up PGP office and get them cleared....

regarding medical certi, i, myself, took it from Civil Surgeon of my district hospital....i dont know what r the equivalents of Civil Surgeon in prvt hospi(if any).....drop a mail on the grp, may be some other pgp2 will help u better....

hey catfan, i think u must have recd the list of docs needed and it is clearly mentioned there as to wat is to be far as i remember , u have to get a typhoid shot(can also be had in IIML for 200 bucks), X ray etc....dont remember all the details...


shesh and niharika,
loads n loads of congratulations to both of u....
shesha, akhir tere sabra ne meetha fal de hi diya, but which thread will u spam now???this one????
if anyone frm u is in chennai today, u can catch the fuccha party at park hotel tonite .....

hi rocky,
well, i myself dont know:oops: as i have never booked the rooms, but i guess u can call up Mr. Dinesh Saxena(student affairs, his no cud be found in the stuff they sent u) ...drop a mail in the yahoo group and may be some informed soul from PGP20 will help u out...sorry yaar......

hey adit, i dont think there should be any problems if u reach early...

and no alex, there is no dress code in hell....



Thanks Abhishek.

I would like to know about the hitel facilities around the campus..Are there decent lodgings near the campus or wouldone have to stay near the city?

the insti has a guest house with nice, AC hotels near the campus itself but there r many in the city near the railway station and elsewhere....
btw, if u r planning to come to L with parents, y dont u try to get the guest house booked??

freestyler_xj Says
kindly shed some more light on what exactly is this 'exodus':)

'exodus' is the intra-IIML messenger(like Y!), in which all the students are automatically listed (or in Y! msngr parlance, 'added' to ur list) runs on the insti server and thus u can chat with any student in the campus thru that messenger without any trouble.......u can also transfer files thru it....btw its a freeware and is one of the most helpful things in the insti.....normally, we all keep it running on our machines 24*7......

mukul, i m not sure whether u can go or not as i myself is not clear abt the insti's policy regarding this:).....tho i heard that some engrs were there in rems, u just call up IIML and confirm the policy....

gautam, tho i dont think that anybody in PGP office wud bother much abt ur absence, but to be on safe side, u may also call them up and let them know.....atleast u will be in peace after that:)


Can somebody give me the distance from the railway station to IIML.

arnd 22 kms

Also how to reach there from the railway station..
Thanx in advance...

hire an auto for around 135 bucks(bargain hard and u may be able to reduce the fare)

hey seniors
the list of documents that we recd is it exhaustive or any new list of documents will be given later as the currentlist doesnot include docs such as migration certificate etc which is asked for by other institutes..........

well ruchika, the list u r given is exhaustive for the admission purposes, but if u wish to apply for loan or merit-cum-means schol, u will have to arrange for some additional documents from ur parents....but u will get ample time to arrange for all docs and there is no need to worry on that front....

Hey Bright,
thanx for bestowing such an honour dude, ur signature rocks man!!! didnt knew that i m a gr8 person

!The IIML batch of 2007 thread is so confusing.....lil info about nething.

Kya kare....apan toh late hain. guys share info as and when u receive. About nethin and everything...


hey shipra,dunno wat did u find confusing in that thread ...anyway, head over to the Y! case of any queries, u can always ask them at the grp or on the batch thread......

gr8 to see that finally ur agonising wait bearing fruit.....all the best ppl, m hoping to c all u fighters n optimists in helL......
signing off with anticipation and loads of wishes for u all....