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Hey Future Juniors!!

I would like to congratulate all selected candidates on behalf of my batch 2010-12 (Who unlike me, are very busy with their summer projects) For those who are waitlisted, there is still hope... And for those who didnt make it, maybe you are destined for something else...
There are a lot of interesting things in store for folks joining TISS HR. Looking forward to meeting you guys on campus.


phoenix2011 Says
can anyone throw some light on how to answer the question why pursuing this course for hrm??

I guess the only person who can answer this best is you!!

However listing some guiding questions, which may help you

Think about your competencies. What does a course in HR mean to you? How do your competencies match typical HR competencies? What do you think this course will teach you? Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years? Any incidents in the past (experience or academics or even extra curriculars) where you got the indication that you are best suited for a career in HR? Any career tests to determine suitability for a certain sort of job?

As long as you dont give the done to death answer of " I am a people person or I like interacting with people", you should be fine.
avinaba88 Says
i was working for a year with a construction firm as a junior accountant.....bt right now i am unemployed so i shouldnt put that info in ru employed question....and does it qualify for relevant work exp?

Since it is not HR related work, you can't place it as relevant, unless as a junior accountant you were involved in budgeting for payroll and payroll administration.
I believe its not easy to answer the question "relevant work done" for some one who does not have HR work ex or is a fresher.

I can at least speak for myself. I included instances from my UG where my work had shades of what HR broadly does. So for instance I was the president of literary committee at my UG college, one of my responsibility was to identfy interested and capable candidates who could represent the college in future. I included that in my answer. Someone else I know mentioned his teaching experience in Teach for India.

So, for freshers, i would suggest that if you have something relevant, only then mention it. If you still think u dont have any such thing to offer, DO NOT make things up and write. Leave it blank. Its completely okay not to have done any HR related stuff in your college life.

P.S: Views mentioned are personal.

Je Baat Pratik
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Hi i am new 2 PG.I got cal frm tiss for HRM. I hv 2 Q's 2 ask
1) what can be hr related work done at ug level ?
2) how should we answer why r u interested in pursuing this course?
Seniors plz help

1) HR related work refers to work experience in domains of HR... Details have been given earlier

2) You need to know why you want to pursue the course. No one can decide that for you. Before applying to TISS, I am sure you had some reason at the back of your mind as to a) why you want to pursue a career in HR and, b) why you want to pursue the course from TISS. Everyone would have had their own reasons and each reason would be as diverse as the individuals themselves.

Company Name : Microsoft
Role : Corporate HR
Specialization : HRM & LR.
Location : Gurgaon
Stipend : Pretty decent
PPO Policy (if any): Strong
College: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
I dont think this is relevant Experience, as they are probably looking for pure HR/ IR experience as Abhishek has mentioned earlier.Say you have worked as HR business partner, in L&D;, recruitment etc.

But I would still want my other classmates to comment on this..Neeta, Rhucha, Abhishek (Chopra and De), please put your comments here..

It is all about packaging. Salary and payroll administration system design can be taken as relevant experience, if packaged well. However, you would need to pitch it right. You can say that you were involved in designing systems for administering payroll for US clients. Though you were not providing the domain expertise, the very fact that you were involved in designing the system and process would have given you a fair amount of idea of how payroll processing operates, what interfaces are involved, the issues faced, impact of a bug in the system, challenges etc. You can also link it to the fact that since you did not have the domain expertise, it took you some time to understand the requirements perfectly and see the larger picture. Now with a PG in HR in TISS, you would be able to fill in the gaps in understanding and if your organization in Field Work or summers is involved in setting up a payroll system, you would be able to make valuable contributions as you would then be able to marry your practical system design and coding exposure with domain expertise.

Hope this helps

nakulheble Says
What about this 14th point in the DAF. Relevant work done. Does it have to be employment details (cos there's a separate space for that) or any volunteering or internship?

This would typically be work that is done related to HR. E.g. Recruitment, HR Business Partner role, HR Consulting, HR reports and MIS, etc.
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avdhut19 Says
can any one guide what points should be covered in biographical sketch?

Hi Avdhut,

Most of these details are covered elsewhere... However, writing areas that I had covered in my bio sketch. You may want to use the same if you have some work experience.

0. Who you are and what you stand for...
1. Why you made certain academic and career choices prior to TISS
2. Critical incidents that made you decide to pursue a course in HR
3. Try and cite examples of success in your life
4. Your hobbies, passions, achievements, values
5. Your goals/ ambitions in life.. How would you like to be remembered? (I would suggest you to keep this broad.. Dnt go into how you would like to own a chartered aircraft by the time you are 35 :D)
6. Your work experience and learnings
7. Strengths... I didnt quote weaknesses as I felt that if I were aware of weaknesses, I would have already been working on them. You may want to take an alternate view. How have you leveraged certain strengths to achieve success.

General Tips

1. Use short coherent sentences.
2. The Bio Sketch is not a test of English. Use simple words
3. Let it reflect who you are rather than who you want to be. (Else you are doomed in the interview, in case the panel decides to ask you questions from the bio sketch)
4. The flow of thought should be smooth.

Hi Abhishek,
Can you please tell me if the IMS acheiver's workshop for GD/PI sessions are helpful? or should I go for TIME sessions??? Also, can you tell me which magazines will be helpful to get on track for the current affairs as current affairs of previous months will also be questioned.


No clue about the GD/ PI workshop, didnt attend any... However, a classmate of mine has mentioned in one of the previous threads that it is very useful and worth the money. So I guess you can go for it. There are no standard set of magazines to be read for TISS GD/ PI. However, some magazines which would definitely help are:

1. Manorama Yearbook
2. Business World
3. The Week
4. The Economist

You should also get into the habit of reading The Economic Times or The Business Standard on a regular basis. Studying and understanding the Union Budget of the last year would also be important.

Abhishek De