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It is a tough call b/w B & C, as i am not sure which usage 'doubling of foreclosures' or 'foreclosures....could double' is correct.
But for the sake of giving answer i will go with C.
'doubling of foreclosures' makes more sense for me than 'foreclosures....could double'

whats the correct answer??

I think B should be the answer, because doubling is continuous and does not seem to fit in here...simple present is better.

Besides as a preposition means "in addition to, or "plus".
Except as a preposition means with exclusion, rejection, or exception; everything other than; it carries the meaning of "minus".

So mostly there will be no common usage, but in case the situation is of an exception (i.e like the one you quoted above), then you can use them interchangeably.

The problem in the question highlighted is of a "being" be added in the Besides option which makes it incorrect