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Hey Guys,

I am also in for the R1 application at Fuqua. My profile goes this way:

710/5.5 Exp/IT

I wanted to know that if anyone of you is consulting an admission counselor for preparing your essays and other application material. If yes can you please provide me the contact of the same so that I may harness the benefit as well. I am looking for one based in Delhi/NCR

Abhishek Arohi

I got an email on Nov 4 from gradadmissions informing me about my recent submission. They provided a student id and asked to check all my information. Also said to check my status time and again to know of updates. I found that my TOEFL scores weren't posted on their website. So I mailed adcom about that. They replied asking me to be patient saying that it takes time to upload the scores. They however confirmed that they've received the report. :)

Now just waiting..

Dude tell me one thing, what did you do for the transcripts. Did you arrange from the university or used your original marksheets. Do wee need to mail them the hard copies.
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I applied to Fisher in R1

GMAT 700 / 5.5
IIM Work-ex 5yrs at matriculation (2yrs International)
B.Tech. from NIT
Decent ECs

hey any communication so far ?
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Hi All,

I am currently a first year MBA student at the The Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. This thread is for all the prospective MBA students at Fisher college applying for fall 2011. Just about a year ago, I was in a similar position wrecking my brains to decide the perfect fit for me. And so I can imagine the high levels of anxiety, confusion and indecisiveness.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for any questions you may have. I would try and resolve the queries to my best possible knowledge and resources available. For starters, you can visit the Fisher College website at Fisher College of Business | The Ohio State University to get a feel of the college.

Warm Regards,
Prashant Mehta

Hi Prashant,

I will be applying to Fisher in the second round on Dec 15. My profile goes like this:

UG:- Engineering Computer Science 71.9%
GMAT - 710 AWA 5.0
TOEFL - 111/120

Work Exp: 4.5 years with WIpro Technologies, HSBC GLobal Technologies and Dell Services.

Extra Cur: Not much....some in school days.

I would like to seek your view on my candidature.

Moreover I would also like to know about the transacripts for international students. I have my engineering marksheets which clearly show the subjects and the marks obtained. Will those work. Moreover I cannot give away my original marksheets, Fisher website says "Certified Copies" will work. Which all ceritifications do they consider.

Abhishek Arohi
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JFYI I just got an admit email from Fisher!

Let's continue the discussion in 2011 applicants topic:


hey Buddy....A hearty congrats to you.....its really fast to get an admit mail. If I am not wrong you filled up the form on 29-Oct-2010 Deadline.
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Hey Guys,

I will filling up the form in the second round......need your inputs regarding the second essay of Fisher. I need to know how to formulate the same......means the objects they have demanded to prove my quality etc.

Abhishek Arohi

Applied for the R1 deadline.

710 / IIM / 4+ yrs work ex

All the best dude......
Don't get overwhelmed!
First, we belong to different pool. But you have a big challenge- how to differentiate yourself from rest of the IT crowd as major chunk lies there. So you have to identify strengths unique to yourself. But at the same time, most of the admits from India come from IT background, mostly because they can afford the costly US programs and also they are much more informed and aware about the international opportunities.

Second, in US schools, mid 80% of class consists of the 3-6 years exp. range. So you have an advantage there. (I am a bit too qualified for most of the US schools)

All the best for your apps.

Thanks for your wishes muneet

Hello frens,

Anybody applying to Fisher on October deadline

I am in the same boat. The last of the calls, will be made by 5 PM today evening ( called up ISB, in anxiety). All the best everybody. Fingers crossed....

And, a frnd of mine got a call for Nov 2. She received that on Sunday.

Aaahhh...now that was the bolt from the blue for all us on this boat

lets hope for the best :thumbsup: