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No, 4/3 and 4.5 are not correct.

I think its C(29, 10)
Number of non-negative solutions for the eq.
a1 + a2 + a3 + ... + a20 = 10
where a1, a2, a3, .., a20 are number of books corresponding to the twenty best selelrs

It will be C(29,19). (n+r-1)C(r-1)
Here r is 20 and n is 10.
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himanshushah20 Says
In that case the answer should be 0.What say??

If we see it this way.
17+23 =40 and 19+21=40.
So (17^3+19^3+21^3+23^3) can be written as .
Take 40 common and the remaining part is odd + odd = even. So the number is divisible by 80.
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Got another mail from SBI regarding loan application.

Dear Sir/ Madam,
For the quick processing of the Education Loan kindly ensure that you have completed the following formalities before coming to the IIM Lucknow:

1-Open a joint account along with your parent (who will be the co-borrower) at your near by SBI branch and get it transferred to SBI IIM Lucknow branch (branch code 10175)
2-Complete the Pre-sanction survey Report at your Local branch and in case of any inconvenience please contact us (9452949881).
3-Prefer to come along with your parent (who will be the co-borrower). In case of extreme emergency if your Guardian is unable to come, kindly inform us and try to come earlier at IIM Lucknow branch so that we can send the Loan documents (after being filled by you) to your local branch and the formalities pertaining to the co-borrower will be completed there. This whole process will take nearly one week, so kindly make it sure that if you are coming alone (without your Guardian) then you should reach the campus branch as earlier as possible so that the Loan will be sanctioned before the last date of the deposit of the fees.

Branch Manager
SBI IIM Lucknow
9452949881, 0522-2736124

answer for que 1 is 31

are the options correct for que 2?? i am getting an answer of 12 which is not in the options.
i guess there is something missed out in que.

Answer for second is 12
For the first one, we need to start from last number and eliminate the numbers from set so that they do not add to 380.
For 373 we can have all numbers except 7.For 367 all except 13 and so on.
This way we are removing half the numbers . hence we can have maximum of 31 numbers in the set.
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Cloak Says
I think thre is some data missing or error in question....

Even if copper and tin do not add up to 100% still the question can be solved since we have been given the amount of tin in the final mixture from which we can find out the weight of the two alloys mixed and the weight of copper in the final mixture.
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amitshanky Says
In a 100m race, Sujit beats rishi by 5m and rishi beats praveen by 5m. By what distance does sujit beat praveen??

9.75 meters.

Ss/Sr = 100/95
So for 100 meter race, when Sujeet completes 100m Previn completes 90.25m
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misgivings [ mis-GIV-ings ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. apprehension or a feeling of doubt
2. suspicion USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : His misgivings were baseless as the new employee was honest as well as hardworking.
USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : A few days ago Lynch received a phone call from Vicki Kennedy, the widow of the late senator, who implored him to support the health care legislation despite any misgivings he has with the bill.
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amitshanky Says
One alloy of metal contains 90% copper and 10% tin. Another alloy contains 93% copper and 4% tin if they are mixed so that mixture may contain 9% tin then what % of copper it will contain ?

Let first alloy be xkg and second alloy be y kg.
So we have
=> x=5y
For percentage of copper
Put x=5y and solve.
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bouillon [ BOO'L-yon, -yuh'n; Fr. boo-YAWN ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. a clear seasoned broth made by straining water in which meat has been cooked
2. a clear broth made by dissolving a commercially prepared bouillon cube in hot water USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The chef was in a hurry and so prepared a quick soup by using powdered bouillon.
piecemeal [ PEES-meel ] [ adjective, adverb ] MEANING : 1. (adj.) done bit by bit or in stages
2. (adj.) accomplished gradually
3. (adv.) into pieces or fragments
4.(adv.) piece by piece or one piece at a time